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Youth And Adult Problems

Youth and Adult Problems If we look at the technological developments of the world over the last 50 years you may thought that it passed as 500 years. May I kindly invite you to think of the interchanges from using stone records to CD’s , from movie to huge DVD screen TV’s , from radio to internet, from classical phone to mobile’s. Enourmously fast changes are occuring continuously.This was the reason that some generations had seen both old gramaphone & CD player in their life. While technology is improving with long paces, humans learned & got the taste of using these latest technologies in their daily practical uses. It is certain that young generations are more adaptable to this fast changes. On the other hand old generations are generally conservative & reluctant to adapt themselves to these changes.Their general characteristic attitude is to keep the way of their life similar to they adapted.

They prefer to live as to how they used to live & keep their regular habits as it is. They do not want to live inside these new happenings, only from time to time may watch & observe from far away without taking a role inside. This is the main reason of causing contradictions between young & old generations. These contradictions occurred in the past when this old generation was young with their elders & now occurring with them & their childs. This contradiction was not a new phenomena which was happening over the decades perhaps started with the beginning of humanity & will last for ever. But the fastest improvement in the technology & its unavoidable effects on humans daily lifes are causing very quick & drastic changes in human behaviours.

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Both young & old generations may have conflicts in many respects. These may be categorised in two main titles. If I make a self critique ; we youngs can’t stand against to problems. We just want a perfect life. We want to solve every problem in best way. For example we suggest buying slimmed and ready to eat tomateos from super markets, to people who are buying and carrying tomateos from the market place. We don’t think about its price.

We are so comfortable by sitting at home and watching tv’s or shopping with the money that our parents earn. We adore to luxury. We don’t appreciate people who do not similar to us. We accuse them by being old-fashioned. We generally do not want to think & understand the efforts & hard work that our parents have to gain their lives. With years & years hard & difficult work lifes they tried to build up.

In fact our parents are doing their best for the future of us. They are standing against many diffuculties for this purpose. They never wish us to live the diffuculties whisch had been lived by themselves. This is their main goal in their life. So they sacrifice many thing from their lifes in order to present to us a very good future.

For an example, think about our education and the responsiblity of giving a good education. This is not an easy work. Our grandmothers and grandfathers were making tomato paste. They also were withering vegetables in summer and preparing to eat in winter when there were no refrigrator. My friends please dont tell them, that to do these type of things are rubbish while you can buy it ready. Because every humans life is particular for himself. We must not forget that we are the sons and daugters of the people who had seen the independence war in their lifes the shortage of food, cloth, even pencil to write.

If our grandfathers hadn’t had troubles, we wouldn’t have the opportunity we are having. If we are eating what ever we want or dressing what ever want to dress. Is maintained by our parents. For some of our grand parents buying things which are not neceassary other than giving an extra comfort to us, or buying expensive brand name clothes are considered as spreading money out of use, to wake up late on weekends are considered as lazyness, surfing in internet is waste of time. Elders must adapt themselves to todays life standards & must show tolerance to our behaviors & our life styles. If they will try to understand they will recognise that they have some things to be learned from us. Instead of keeping their conservative nature as it is, if they will allow themselves free from their stringent ideas or thoughts they will feel more happy & will become more friendly & sympathic to us.

They may learn new tastes new pleasures & enjoy themselves. We together may share the life together which they will be more happy. If they will gain our thrust, we may speak with them openly & tell the things that we made wrong & our faults which have the risk to be understood in the wrong way. But if they use these spoken things in arguments with them instead of keeping them as secret then we loose our thrust to our family members. If they will show understanding as a close friend or a brother to the faults & mistakes which we told them then they will have the chance of keeping the control of us from far away which is to our benefit as far as to their benefit.

By this way we may have the chance not to repeat our faults & to be on the safe side. Otherwise they will have no chance of learning our wrong sides & to correct them. If we loose our thrust to each other & cannot speak with our parents then we try to find friends whom we can share our secrets. Loosening the close relation has the risk of doing big mistakes which cannot be compensated. In fact we do not want to understand our elders & on the other hand some of our elders sincerely do not want to understand us. The second part of the idea may be seemed wrong & difficult to accept this confusing idea at first glance.

Some fathers & mothers are so busy that they have no time to spend with their childs. Are you accepting that this is true. It depends on the choices of our parents. If they really want they may find some time to deal with us & do not hidden under some axcuses. On the other hand when our elders want to speak with us & tell something else we mostly refuse to listen them because at that time we were either surfing in internet or listening a music or watching a film or a match on TV or speaking with a friend on the phone.

There mostly have something more preferable thing to do for us instead of listening their boring talkings & advices. Sometimes when they become angry on us & force us to listen them then we obliged to listen their angry talkings which we easily forget after a short while. This is not the true way of communication with them. We have to find & build up a friendly & sincere relation with them. Our parents have to find some way to communicate with us but this is not so easy for some parents so we must help them by saying the truths & show the way we understand. The entartainment styles of different generations are different from each other similar to the life styles.

This difference show itself from the entertainment places to the music they are listening to. As far as I understand the sense of taste, the enjoyments, the pleasures, are changing with the age. For example my mother & father was not listening classic Turkish art music, found it slow & boring when they were young but started to listen after some age & their pleasure developed more & more with their ages. Now their first choice is listening that music. Similar to the music, the entertainment places & their programs are different for each generation.

The entertainment mind is not only different to each generation but also changing with time & from society to society. When our parents were young, there were organised school parties, friends come together in pastry- shops. Very rare organised special balls in which they may make slow dances like tangos with each other. Now in every where there are a lot of cafes, bars, discos in which our generation may go together with their friends. Certainly there are a lot of good places for the younsters as well as the bad places. All of the youngsters who are going to these places cannot be considered as rebellious or vagabond.

Otherwise it will be a prejudice. For our elders to give permission for us to go these places are really difficult. We have to know that it is very difficult for our parents to accept our wish to go to these places at first glance because they are not sure whether these are safety places for us or not. During asking their permission we must not argue with our parents, instead we must try to convince them that the place we want to go is a safe place & we are going with reputable old friends whom our parents know them previously. On the other hand our parents must try to understand us & from time to time must give permission to us for going to entertainment places with our friends.

This is one of our need & it must be considered as normal although very difficult to accept by some of our parents. Young generations sometimes may be considered as disrespectful, shameless, (endless requests never ended,) irresponsible by their elders. The common criticism which I heard the most is that we are degenerated & we do not accept & do not apply our society’s traditional & cultural values, do not give enough importance to them. We are judged with their subjective values & compared with their way of thinking & doing the things. But they must understand that we are different, we are not a copy of them we have different values, different thinking different behaviour.

From the other side youngsters complaint that they do not understood well enough by their elders. Some of my friends are considering their elders as undeveloped, stupid, insensitive, lack in understanding, old-fashioned, opening their mouths only for giving advices, instead of trying to understand them. We must accept that not all of us have the same problem. Some friends are very lucky that they may have well educated & well prepared families who have very good communication & understanding with their elders. As tried to be explained above with only some details there are a lot more different subjects which we are different from our parents covering in every detail of our life. We are different from our elders.

This truth must be accepted by our elders sincerely & they must not try to force us to behave as similar to them. We have different ideas, different characters & we are not a copy of our elders. We have to build up good relations with them Bibliography salla gitsin.


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