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Young Canadians TakingITGlobal

Application Form 2003-2004
Thank you for your interest in the TakingITGlobal International Internship
Program in 2004/4, funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade, through the Youth Employment Strategy (YES).

To fill in the application form, simply answer all questions and save it
with your name as the document name (“Save as…”). When answering
questions, you may use as much space as required to fully answer the
question. Answer all questions and submit a filled out typed copy of the
application form with all attachments (see below). Please note, only typed
applications will be accepted.

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Carefully read the Eligibility Requirements before completing this form

You Application MUST include ALL of the following attachments:
____ Completed application form (see below)
____ Cover letter summarizing application
____ Current rsum
____ Names and telephone numbers of two references (including one
professional and one academic)
Please complete this form with supporting material to the address below
(preferably by Email or Fax).

Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. All
resumes will be kept on file for other opportunities with TakingITGlobal
for a period of six months.

Please send the completed application package to:
Christine Oldfield
Program Coordinator
19 Duncan Street, Suite 505
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3H1
Fax: (416) 352-1898
If you submit the application by e-mail, please send as a Microsoft Word

Contact Information
Mr. Ms. Mrs.
First name(s) _____________________________________________
Last name(s) _____________________________________________
Street address ___________________________________________
City __________________________ Province __________________
Postal code __________
Date of Birth _________________
Telephone (day) (____) _________________
Telephone (evening) (____) _________________
Fax (____) _________________
E-mail _______________________
Permanent address (if different from above)
Street address ____________________________________________
City _____________________ Province/Territory__________________
Postal code _____________________________________
Telephone (day) (____) _______________________________
Telephone (evening) ( ___ )___________________________
E-mail _______________________
Eligibility Questions
A.Are you between the ages of 19 to 30?
Yes __ No __
B.Are you a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident?
Yes __ No __
Please note that you must a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident to
participate in the program.

Other citizenships: ____________________
Please indicate country of birth: ____________________
C.Have you ever participated in a youth internship funded under the
Canadian government’s Youth Employment Strategy (YES) program?
Yes __ No __
If yes, which one?
Please note that you are allowed to participate only once in a Youth
Employment Strategy internship program and this will be verified.

D.Are you currently enrolled in a University or College Program?
Yes __ No __
If yes, what is the expected completion date? _____________________
F.Are you currently unemployed or underemployed*?
Yes __ No __
* interpreted as a) individual working in his/her field of study but
only on a part-time basis, b) an individual working on a full-time or
part-time basis in an area that is not related to their field of study.

H.Are you currently receiving EI?
Yes __ No __
F.Have you ever participated in a paid career-related work experience
outside of Canada?
Yes __ No __
If yes, please indicate where, what type of work and for how long:
Employment Equity Self-Identification
The sponsors of the program (The Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade and TakingITGlobal) arecommittedtoimproving
employment equity. Internships will be awarded to qualified applicants who
meet the needs of the host organizations with which they will be placed.

Whenever possible we wish to take into consideration issues of disability,
gender and visible minoritystatus.Allinformationsuppliedis
confidential and will be used exclusively for employment and equity

a)Are you a member of a visible minority or a person of colour?
Yes __ No __
b)Are you an aboriginal person?
Yes __ No __
c)Do you consider yourself to have an employment-related disability?
Yes __ No __
d)In the last 15-20 years have you lived for an extended period of time
in a rural area?
Yes __ No __
Male __ Female __

Background Information
1 a) Education
|Field of|School or|Degree Received |Date Granted|
|Study/Program |Institution |||
| | |||
|Field of|School or|Degree Received |Date Granted|
|Study/Program |Institution |||
| | |||
|Field of|School or|Degree Received |Date Granted|
|Study/Program |Institution |||
| | |||
1 b) How does your educational or volunteer background relate to
international development, including aspects such as Information and
Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D) or youth/public
engagement in global issues?
2 a) Language Skills
Please evaluate your language skills by marking an x next to the
appropriate selection. Some of the positions will require fluency in
another language.

|Language |Spoken Ability|Written|Functionality |
|| |Ability|(Y/N)|
|English | || |
|French| || |
|Spanish | || |
|Others: | || |
2 b) Would you feel comfortable working in another language?
Yes __ No __
2 c) If yes, which one(s) ____________________________________
3.Computer Skills
Please evaluate your computer skills by marking an x next to the
appropriate selection.

|Knowledge/ | |None |Beginner |Intermediate |Advanced |
|Skills| ||| ||
||UNIX||| ||
||Linux ||| ||
|Operating |Macintosh||| ||
|Systems| ||| ||
||Windows||| ||
|Programs|Word Processing||| ||
||Databases||| ||
||Spread Sheets||| ||
||Presentation ||| ||
||Software||| ||
||Graphic Software||| ||
|Internet|Internet Navigating||| ||
||HTML||| ||
|Skills|Graphic Design||| ||
|Other:| ||| ||
4 a) If you have worked on a Web project, please describe provide the URL
for the site.

|Name of Web site|URL |
Overseas Experience
5 a) Have you traveled, lived or volunteered outside of Canada?
Yes __ No __
5 b) If yes, please describe where and for what purpose?
6Is there a particular country or region where you have some interest
or expertise? If so, where?
Statement of Interest
7State why you would like to participate in the TakingITGlobal Youth
International Internship Program (YIIP).

8.How does your participation in the TakingITGlobal YIIP program fit
into your longer term career goals?
9.Describe why you would make a good candidate for an international
internship placement. (No more than one paragraph.)
10.Describe any community service and/or voluntary activity with a non-
profit/charitable organization.

11.Describe any significant interest in youth-related issues and/or
experience working with young people?
12.Describe what you believe to be the significance of Information and
Communications Technology in the process of development.

Internship Placements
There will be seven internship placements this year (2004-2005).The
internships are described below. Please carefully read through each job
description and select two that you are qualified for and in which you are
the most interested. Following your selections write one paragraph stating
your interest and expertise in that area.

Position of preference:
Please write one paragraph stating your interest and applicable expertise:
I have read and understood all of the program information available on the
TakingITGlobal internship and have answered all of the above questions so
that they reflect my attitude and beliefs as accurately as possible:
Print Name:___________________________________
Signature: ____________________________________
**Note if you send this by e-mail we will consider that your official



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