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Wrestling On the heels of The Rock regaining the WWF Title Sunday night at No Way Out, the Road to Wrestlemania officially started its journey tonight as RAW is WAR emanated from the sold-out America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona! Highlights from No Way Out introduced the show, with still images and commentary from the memorable WWF Title Match between Kurt Angle and The Rock. The America West Arena exploded in a massive show of pyro and explosions, as the sold out crowd wildly cheered. Jim Ross reminded us that on tonight’s show Vince McMahon & Trish Stratus would face off against William Regal & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley! The Rock entered the arena with his newly won WWF Title, which incidentally set a new WWF record, as The Rock became the only 6-Time WWF Champion in Federation History! The Rock, who looked out upon his People, with the title over his shoulder, and proclaimed that Finally The Rock Has Come Back to WWF Champion! The Rock addressed Kurt Angle, and said that Angle showed him a few new personalities in his character. He said he respected Kurt Angle for bringing it to the People’s Champ. He then said after the match, that Kurt was moaning, crying, bitching and whining. Rock then proceeded to run down Angle by mimicking the former WWF Champion. The Rock then told Kurt Angle that if he wanted to bitch and moan about losing the WWF Title, that he should come out and bitch at him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin came out, walking his infamous BMF walk. Upon entering the ring, Austin glared at the Rock many times as he crossed the ring from corner to corner to salute the fans. Tensions ran high as Austin grabbed the microphone. Stone Cold said the reason he came out was to get a few things off his chest. He started off by congratulating the Rock on his title win at No Way Out.

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He said that Angle can complain all he wants, but the better man won. Austin then admonished the Rock to stay healthy since the two would be meeting at Wrestlemania X-Seven. As Austin tried to leave the ring, the Rock asked him not to go. Rock said he appreciated the advise from Austin, but he had some advice for Austin. He said he had two words of advice for Austin — Get Ready.

The two looked eye-to-eye as flash bulbs cracked around the arena. Rock closed out by telling Austin If You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin’.. The two continued to trade verbal shots off microphone as Stone Cold left the ring. The two exchanged further looks which brought Austin back to the ring and the two men continued to exchange verbal barbs. Backstage in the parking garage, William Regal paced nervously back and forth.

Stephanie asked Regal what he was doing in the garage. William said maybe if he could talk to Vince, and reason with him, maybe they could come to an understanding about their confrontation at No Way Out. Stephanie told Regal he didn’t know her father like she did, and that he had better get dressed for their match. William Regal continued to pace as RAW is WAR hit its first commercial break of the evening. Coming back from the back, a very nervous William Regal was still in the garage pacing.

Inside the Radicalz locker room, Perry Saturn asked Chris Benoit if Eddie Guerrero was aware they were going to be tagging in match tonight. Benoit said he didn’t care if he knew but he would soon find out. Eddie came in and got in the face of Benoit because of what happened in their 4-way IC Title match Sunday night at the PPV. They almost came to blows, but the other Radicalz members came between the two and broke up the confrontation. Match 1 : Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs.

X-Pac & Justin Credible Justin Credible and X-Pac came to the ring first, debuting the new entrance music of Credible. Justin Credible and Eddie Guerrero started off the match, and Lawler made the remark that he hardly knew anything about Justin, but ironically forgot that a few years back, when Credible was known as Aldo Montoya in the WWF, Lawler had an angle between Credible & Jake Roberts that saw Lawler pour Jim Beam down the throat of Credible, who was promoting abstinence from drinking, to draw the ire of an admitted recovering alcoholic in Jake Roberts. Back to the match, the Radicalz seemingly put their differences aside as they worked over both X-Pac and Justin Credible. Eddie & Chris made frequent tags in and out, until X-Pac hit a spinning heel kick that put Guerrero down. X-Pac attempted to hit the bronco buster, but missed as Eddie moved out of the corner. Before he knew what hit him, Eddie was nailed with a double superkick from both Credible and X-Pac.

Chris Benoit tagged in and after a miscommunication between X-Pac & Credible, Benoit nailed a triple rolling German Suplex. Benoit attempted to hit the Top-Rope Headbutt but missed. X-Pac slipped into the ring and rolled up Chris Benoit for the pinfall. Winners: X-Pac & Justin Credible by pinfall After the match, Eddie and Chris exchanged dirty looks as they left the ring. Highlights of Stephanie & Trish from No Way Out was shown. Mr.

McMahon and Trish pulled up in their limo, and Vince said he hoped Trish enjoyed the ride as much as he did. William Regal came up and tried to apologize to Vince, but Vince would have nothing of it. Vince told him even though Regal failed and didn’t know what he had to at the PPV last night, he knew what he was going to do tonight, because the match was still on! Regal stood stunned in his place as Vince & Trish walked into the arena. Coming back from the break, an intense former WWF Champion blew past Jonathan Coachman, as Coachman tried to ask him how he felt about his title loss at No Way Out to the Rock. Highlights of the Hardcore Title match was shown, as stills showed a confrontation between Molly Holly and Raven’s Mystery Assistant. The Big Show walked out of No Way Out as the WWF Hardcore Champion. Match 2 : #1 Contenders WWF Title MatchMolly Holly (w/Crash* vs.

Lita (w/Matt Hardy) Lita began the match with a head scissors take down, into a near fall as she gained a two count on the Holly Cousin. As Crash moved closer to the ring to see the match, he was confronted by Matt Hardy, who told him to move away. Inside the ring, Molly hit a nice suplex on Lita and tried to hit a top-rope move, but Lita caught her and threw her from the top to the canvas. Molly elevated Lita over the top rope, and Lita crashed into an arguing Matt & Crash. As Lita tried to regain her footing, Raven’s Mystery Assistant hit the ring and nailed Molly with a devastating DDT.

Lita then hit the top-rope moonsault for the pinfall win. Winner & #1 Contender for the WWF Women’s Title: Lita by pinfall Vince showed Trish one of the items that he wanted to use in their match against Regal and Stephanie. It was a mop bucket full of mud! Kurt Angle stormed into the room and demanded that he have a rematch for the title against the Rock tonight. Vince said he would take it under advisement, and told Kurt to cool down and go relax somewhere else other than where he was, because Trish and Vince had to get ready for their match. Trish happily added some leftovers to the mop bucket of slop as we headed to another commercial break. Coming back from the commercial, Stephanie entered her father’s dressing room all upset.

She asked her dad what would happen if Trish tagged out and Vince and Stephanie were in the ring at the same time. Vince said that if it were not for Regal, they would not be in the position they are. He then said that he would have to do what he had to do, if she knew what he meant. More Highlights from Trish vs. Stephanie was shown as Stephanie slapped the behind of Trish as she exposed her thong! William Regal knocked on Trish’s door and tried to apologize for his actions at the PPV, but Trish told him to go to hell and slammed the door in his face! Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler asked Al Snow, who was inside WWF New York, whether or not he knew that his campaigning was for nothing, as Vince McMahon would have a hand in choosing a new commissioner.

Al said he didn’t care. He also said he wanted to see more midgets (his words — not mine!) in the WWF, and would try to eliminate the British presence in the WWF. He also said he would not quit until Mick Foley was re-instated in the WWF. That Al Snow sure is a wacky guy! The Big Show confronted Vince McMahon and told him that after last night’s event of winning the Hardcore Title, and taking out both Kurt Angle and The Rock, he wanted a shot at the WWF Champion. Vince said he was fortunate he would not be suspended for his actions, and Vince ordered him to defend his WWF Hardcore Title against the men he assaulted — Kurt Angle & The Rock!! Match 3 : WWF Tag Team Title Match Haku & Rikishi vs.

The Dudley Boyz (c) Before the match began, the Brothers from The Dark Side came out and watched the match from the stage area. Haku and D-Von Dudley started off the match. Action was quick moving, and both teams made frequent tags to their partners as the fans chanted for Tables. Rikishi charged both Dudleys, and was reverse-backdropped to his face. Rikishi battled back and reversed an Irish-whip attempt by D-Von, and tagged in Haku. Haku nailed D-Von with a massive headbutt, as the camera showed Undertaker spitting out his tabacco juice at the top of the ramp.

Back inside the ring, D-Von was nailed with a backbreaker by Haku. As D-Von winced in pain, Rikishi tagged in and kicked D-Von into the bottom turnbuckle. Rikishi tagged Haku back in and Haku re-focused his attack on the head of D-Von Dudley. Haku tried to hit an elbow drop but missed as D-Von rolled out of the way. D-Von tagged in his brother Buh Buh Ray, who set up the wassup spot on the massive Rikishi. Buh Buh called for the tables, and Haku nailed Teddy Long from behind. Haku was nailed with the 3D, but the pinfall attempt was broken up as Rikishi stomped the Dudleys from the blind side.

Rikishi pulled Buh Buh Ray to the corner and nailed the Banzai Drop. As he tried to pin Buh Buh for the win, Kane & ‘Taker entered the ring and assisted the Tag Champs. D-Von eventually gained the pinfall victory on Haku,only to be attacked by Kane & The Undertaker! Wild action that was hard to follow! Winners & Still WWF Tag Team Champs: The Dudley Boyz by pinfall The Rock was informed by Michael Cole that Vince McMahon had signed him for the Triple-Threat Match for the Hardcore Title. He asked Cole if he could read his shirt, which said It Doesn’t Matter. He said to Cole after insulting his choice of dress, which resembled a 14-year girls attire, that It Just Didn’t Matter. William Regal & Stephanie were shown walking across the backstage area moments before Vince & Tris …


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