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Have any men out there ever wondered why women act the way they do? If you havent, you either dont care or you have never met one. Women are the number one most confusing thing that goes through a mans emotional cycle every day. From the beginning of time we(men) have wondered “What is going on up their, were they tipped upside down as a young child or do they just not have reasoning skills that dont involve emotion.” Women are mystical, and no man will understand it, but we try.

“Do I look fat in this,” cries countless girls at school every day. “You have 10 percent body fat, you couldnt look fat next to an Ethiopian,” I reply. Why is this question asked, is it merely for attention, or are you blind? Women with bodies that are to die for ask these sort of question on a fairly often basis. Until the day I die this will continue to marvel me as astonishing.

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“You are so mean, I cannot believe you said that,” my girlfriend (Rachelle Reynolds) says maybe once every three days. ” I am just joking babe, take it easy,” I say, wondering if she actually could have taken me serious. My girlfriend is continually getting upset with things that I say, because she takes them seriously and I am joking. “Well I am not one of youre guy friends, I am youre girlfriend, I deserve to be treated better than that,” she storms. Now all because I have said a funny joke she thinks that I have no respect for women and should feel guilty for what I said, uh, no.

Women need someone to care for them, to love them, to show them that you are always there when they need you. Whether crying on your shoulder after a long fight with their mom, or just wanting to hear your voice before they lay to rest, they need you there for them. My mom is the most important person in my life, and will always be. Nurturing women who care for and love their young, deserve all the credit in the world. My mom has put up with so much of my crap over the years I am surprised I still have a roof under my head.
Since I was little, when It was just me and mama, I knew that she was different than me, girls are different. One story that will forever be embedded in my memory will be the day I pissed her off. Mom had just picked me up, and I was looking at my baseball cards very carefully. “Put your seatbelt on,” she asked me. ” Hang on a second, I am almost done,” I pleaded. “No, now,” she now angrily prompted. “Hang on Mom, jeez,” I responded. Errrrrrrrrrrr, BOOM. My head snapped forward as she slammed on the breaks. “Owe, mom, that hurt,” I cried. Small amounts of blood were coming from my forehead, and my mom raced home. By the time we got home I was for the most part alright, just a little sore. I walked my little 9 year old butt into the kitchen, and heard a whimpering. “Mom, are you okay,” I worriedly exclaimed. ” I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, are you okay,” as a tear rolls down he cheek she cried. That is when you know someone cares for you, when they do something to you, and are so worried that you are okay that they go through more emotional struggles than you. That story is not only funny to me, but very touching.

Women can be the most annoying thing in a mans life, or they can be the sweetest little creation ever invented by man, thats the power they have. Always full of emotion, the roller coaster of hormones that women go through sometimes makes guys wonder why they even bother. When they say “Stay away from me.” Somehow, later that day they end up spilling you their whole drama story. Then their are those days when they seem as if a blessing from the stars. When they look good, they are listening to what you have to say, and always seem so interested. Or they come to see you when you least expect it, something that shows how much you mean to them. Women are weird like that, some days you like them, some days you dont.

Things that they say can get stuck in your head for days if it is something crucial in your life, and they either wont tell you, or already told you, they have to make you think. Every women has her game. Her way of persuading the man-men in their life to listen, and more importantly, react. Understanding this is a key to successful women control(of knowing part of whats going on up there.) Do you know your womens tricks of her game?
Crying is an emotion invented by women. They use it as a trump card. “Dont cry babe,” is a often line I have used to much in my 17 years of life. This is when they mean business, when they are saying, you better change something and make everything better, or just get the heaway from me you messed up, you made me cry, youre in the dog house. Very persuasive, crying has a great deal of power when it comes to relationships. Whether a mom, a girlfriend, or just a friend, when they are crying, a guy will either be very understanding, or just give you your space. Either one is good, just dont be cold about it and you will be fine.

Women tend to be a little bossy at times, thinking that they dominate things, and some women do. The best thing I have learned is just make sure that everything on their mind is said , or else you are in for a long ride. “Relax, just talk to me,” seems to be the easiest way to approach a panic stricken women. As time comes, men will not understand women, for eternity they must keep secrets from their desired bodies. Just go with the flow, and as time goes on you will realize, “Women need Men.”


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