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what is a logo

what is a logo?
LOGO is a symbol used to promote public identification and recognition of a product, company or concept as a memorable way.
Where do we use logos?
We use logos in letterheads, hotel menus, banners, posters and etc.
Why do we use logos?
A logo is used to convey an immediate and memorable identity to the target audience
Process of logo design

History Of logo design

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Egyptian Era (2125-1991 BC):- Egyptians developed a formal system called hieroglyphs, Where images represented words and sounds. It was the foundation of the logo design. Egyptians used grid system to maintain proportions and ratios of hieroglyphs that even use by modern logo designers. And also, it helped them to make the duplicates of the same artwork
Medieval Period (900-1300 AD):- In medieval period the noble families used heraldic crests according to their social status which was called Coat of Arms. Coat of arms contained a set of colors and shapes which used to identify allies and enemies
Paper and Printing Era:- With the development of printing industry press owners used printer marks to demonstrate the ownership of their works. It made a huge platform for modern logo design.
Victorian Era(1837–1900 AD):-Queen Victoria brought forward many talented graphic designers and artists
Popular logo design Trends:- Symmetrical layouts./Heavy ornamentation and decoration. More complex logos.
Classical Era (1900-1930 AD)-The graphic designers motivated to reuse traditional and medieval logo design styles.
Popular logo design Trends: -Romantic & folk styles of decoration/Heavy textures with hand drawn typefaces/Outlined illustrations
Modern Era (1930-1980 AD): -Paul Rand was one of the famous graphic designers in this era.
Popular logo design Trends: -Reduce decorative ornamentation/Geometric shapes combines with the mechanical elements
Digital Era (1980 AD-PRESENT):-With the development of computer generated imaginary(CGI) & computer aided drawing(CAD) tools(Adobe Illustrator and InDesign) logos illustrated digitally.
Popular logo design Trends: -Simple elements/Minimalized typography/Flat colors/Layered illustrations

1.Simplicity and Minimalism: Modern logo designers try to achieve a deep meaning using minimum details. This trend is important when using cross platforms as they look equally in various backgrounds (banners/websites/business cards) Simplified and minimized logo enhance visibility to convey message to the target audience easily
2.Experimental techniques of Typography : With the experimented typography designers tried to communicate basic information in complex and meaningful way. They develop the modern typography with artistic and photographic techniques. Most of the modern flat logos are based on sans-serif type family.
3.Fundermental geometrical shapes: Most of the modern logos increased focus on minimal geometry. These geometric shapes develop the less-is-more concept. Designers use use a grid based system specially using these geometrical logos
4.Fun, Energetic and Funky styles: Bright colors, good vibes and cute characters were commonly using in modern logos. It stickily take the attention of the audience as these fun and funny facts remains powerful and memorable identity in customers’ mind
5.Layering colours,Masking of patterns with graduated overlaps: The colorful layers, patterns and gradients makes visually interesting designs. These logos able to reveal more content and meanings in subtle manner. These color variations catch clients’ attention quickly.


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