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Welcome Software Developer Why? Evaluate Operating Systems (OS) that could be beneficial Overview What is an Operating System? Types of Operating Systems History of the two OS Overview cont.. Opinion on subject matter: Reliability, Performance, Applications, Support, Security, Installation and Setup, along with the cost of the two systems. Recommendation of Operating Systems Presented Summary of all Major Points Operating System (OS) What is it? Primary Purpose To support applications (programs) Types of Operating Systems Variety of Operating Systems Refer to hand out for others Linux and Windows A little History about Linux and Windows Linux History Linus Torvalds Implemented from Unix Released Versions 1991 .02 1994 1.0 1999 2.2 .. development still continues Windows History Bill Gates Founded Microsoft Corporation Released Versions Windows 3.1, 95, 98 Windows NT, Windows 2000 .. development still continues Reliability Linux Rock Solid Months – Years without crashing Windows Infamous Blue Screen of Death Day to Day crashes Winner: Linux Performance Customers Performance cont.. Lets check out the handout Winner: Windows Applications Linux Recent Corel version of WordPerfect No other Office Applications Windows No plan to create Office for Linux Stuck with windows Winner: Windows Support Linux Limited support but Increasing Linux Care Up coming Support Microsoft Huge Staff but Contacting is up in the Air Possible charge fees Winner: Windows Security Both Systems Both Systems have loop holes (ways to get around security issues) Both have been tested and verified for years Security Advantages..

Linux: Reinstall without replacing security information Built in fire wall Definition of firewall (On Handout) Windows: Tighter security available for a cost Large number of accessing permission Security Disadvantages.. Linux: Not as strict No auditing Windows: No fire wall built into the system Current information is lost if reinstalled Winner: Windows Installation and Setup Linux Very complex for the common user Red Hat and Caldera Microsoft Easy with each version Winner: Windows Cost Let s take a look at the handout to help us out seeing the differences in cost. Winner: Linux Implementation Implement Windows 2000 Memo Summary Which OS out performs the other in several categories Given my opinion on OS Questions ???.

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