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Voices from Vietnam

This readers rating for this book is average. It is a very well written book but it may not appeal to some people. If the reader was familiar with the war then this would be a wonderful book to read. This reader thought it was interesting but not as enthralling as it should be. The book was mainly made out of quotes or dialogue from the men in the war. This was a very different way of writing but it was interesting. Many of the veterans had interesting stories to tell and how it felt like to be in the war. Overall it was a book to consider if youre into war stories.

The things this reader likes about this book is that it was interesting in the fact that it had real stories from real veterans in the war. Some of the stories were explained in gruesome detail in which this reader thought was very disturbing. It is disgusting to know what happened to some of the Vietnamese and veterans during that war. What this reader also liked was how they explained the war while showing the opinions of some of the veterans. The least thing this reader liked about this book was that it didnt keep you on the edge. Even though this was a war story it didnt captivate me as much as I would have wanted it to. It became boring at parts when they explained how the war started and how the Chinese were trying to take control of Vietnam. What the author should have done was explain the war with minimum detail and have many comments from the people who were actually involved in it.
In this readers opinion this book should be good for older people. Older people would understand the meaning of the war better and how it started. Also older people would probably find it interesting and actually want to read into it. Since older people have most likely lived during the Vietnam War they would appreciate this book much more than a teenager would. Voices from Vietnam is not even close to simple. With the exception of the dialogue the words used in the book were a little advanced for a teenager. This reader didnt enjoy much of the book because of this reason. The book is also quite long since it explains the war and contains comments from the veterans. It may be to long for some people since not many teenagers have long attention spans. This reader thinks that this book may or may not be appropriate for ages fifteen to eighteen. Again if the teenager is familiar with the war then he or she may enjoy it very much while others will not find it interesting.

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Yes Voices from Vietnam would make an excellent movie. The drama that went on in the war and the horror of what happened would make it a great movie to see. It would be much like the movie Pearl Harbor because it would have a reenactment of the war but would modernize it. The only thing that wouldnt be added from the book would be the comments. If the comments were added then it would just a History Channel special on a big screen. It may or may not be a hit though since the Vietnam War didnt prove to be a very good war. Many people would probably refuse to see the same war again.

A brief explanation of the book would be that the majority of it takes place on the battlefield in Vietnam. The plot is very self-explanatory in which the US is trying to stop Vietnam from becoming a communist country. It was under Chinas rule for centuries until the French seized control and made it one of their colonies. They wanted to use the raw materials and exploit the local population. By the end of World War II the Vietnamese revolt grew stronger. A Vietnamese communist named Ho Chi Minh led this revolt. The French called it the dirty war and didnt take then seriously. It wasnt until the French were defeated at a battle near the village of Dienbienphu that the Americans decided to take Frances place. The Navy, Army, and Airforce were all involved in this very depressing war. Some of the presidents that were in office at the time were Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. There is no need for spoiling the plot since everyone knows what the outcome was. Over three hundred thousand men and women were injured in the war. Fifty eight thousand of them died there also. The author uses no special form of writing with the exception of the comments that were added into the explanation of the war. That is the only special type of writing that this reader could find.

In this readers opinion reading another book by this author wouldnt be a good idea. Voices from Vietnam wasnt the type of book I thought it was. It was boring most of the time but the only interesting thing was the comments. If the author made the book more interesting to read I may have considered reading another one of his books. This book doesnt remind me what of any others that I have read. I dont really enjoy reading books because I dont have much patience for boring books. Not that this book was boring its just because Im not really much of a war book reader. As I explained before this book may be great for others but in this readers opinion it was an average book.

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