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Venus Aphrodite

Venus (Aphrodite) In the begining, there was Chaos. From Chaos and Mother Earth came the first race of Greek deities, the Titans. These first gods were ruled by Saturn, who had received the prophesy that his son will over throw him. Well, he ate all his children save one, the one his wife, Mother Earth (Gaia) placed on an island. In his place, she gave her husbad Saturn a rock wrapped in cloth; of which he swallowed whole. When his son, Jupiter (Zeus) grew to manhood, he killed his father and realead his brothers and sisters.

They fought the first race, and won. While in the midst of battle, the genitalia of Saturn was cut off, and when it dropped into the sea, the most beautiful woman was born: Venus (Aphrodite). She joined the ruling gods, the Olympians, on Mount Olypus, their home. Venus was married to Hephastus (Vulcan) the ugliest deity of them all. Unhappy in her marriage, she had an affair with Mars, the God of War. When she was caught is the act of fornication with Mars by her husband, their affair ended.

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She is the Goddess of Love and Fertility, her son is Cupid Bibliography That is from my own head! Mythology Essays.


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