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Undying Love For Emily

Undying Love For Emily A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner is a very mind-boggling story. It leaves the reader in a trance. The story has a lot of things going on, which is centered around this rich socialite, Ms. Emily Grierson. In her mind, she still believes her family to be rich and powerful.

Ms. Emily loses a piece or herself when her father dies, after which she is left with her dedicated black servant, her strubbornness and her pride. The dedicated black servant is depicted at the beginning of the story and throughtout, as the only form of life besides Ms. Emily living in that house. If he wasn’t greeting her few guests at the door, he was seen going to the market place.

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Ms. Grierson was proven to be a very stubborn person throughout the story. One of the ways her stubborness was proven, was when the town insisted Ms. Emily pay her taxes. Not only did she refuse to pay the taxes:she even refused to acknowledge the numerous notices she received. The verbal argument she had with the druggist would further prove how stubborn Ms.

Emily was. Here is a man with years of training, who has knowledge about the different types of poisoning, trying to explain what each does, and having a verbal confirtation with a layperson. English Essays.


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