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Underlying factors of social determinant that may have played a role in this event are both physical and social determinants

Underlying factors of social determinant that may have played a role in this event are both physical and social determinants. Social determinant and the access to job opportunities is one of them because it took several years before the Centralia No. 5 mine exploded which means that workers in Today’s day might have resigned and seek other employment options. However, in the 1900’s there was probably only limited access to job opportunities which left these miners with no other choice but to work there to be able to provide for their families. Secondly, is the physical determinant which is what caused the explosion in the first place and that is the exposure to toxic substances and other physical hazards. Coal dust and gas were the two main explosion hazards, coal dust is unhealthy to breathe, and the miners were inhaling these toxic substances every day they were working there because of the residue of coal dust that stays in suspension in the air. Improving the conditions in which we work, and live will create a healthier workforce, population and society. Role fidelity is the principle that obliges one to be faithful to commitments within the constraints of the role and the duties associated with this are the function of the nature of the relationships and the expectations brought to them. Driscoll Scanlon did fulfill his role as a mine inspector because in months, even years before the disaster in 1947 he sent report after report to Springfield detailing the dangerous conditions of the mine. However, the head of the Department of Mines and Minerals would merely forward the inspection findings to mine officials who would say that the level of safety being requested would cost them too much. Yes, more could have been done to prevent the Centralia No. 5 mine explosion for instance Scanlon could have legally closed it down but not only was it rare to do so, consultation of the Department was also needed. Scanlon thought that if he would have closed it down that Medill would fire him and find another person they can easily control which in the end probably would have been worse. Besides the power to close was not only up to Scanlon it was also up to the Mining Board, but they were the ones that thought it wasn’t dangerous enough to close. Scanlon did everything he could possibly do to pressure those above him to take action but ultimately it wasn’t only up to him or his decision.Negligence is the failure to do something that a reasonable person of ordinary prudence would do in a certain situation or the doing of something that such a person would not do. The negligence of the authority figure contributed to the mine explosion because even the State was ignoring its own mine inspector’s warnings of excessive explosive coal dust in the mine and they decided appealing directly to Governor Green in desperate need of help, but the miners got no help. Not from the federal government and especially not from their own employer however, if these authority figures would have not neglected and listen to Scanlon who relentlessly campaigned through his letters and reports to get the mine rock dusted an expensive and time-consuming procedure but one that would neutralize the coal dust and potentially saved many lives. Direct evidence were the problems that public administrators faced in this case, one of those was the size of the bureaucracy and the sheer number of people and departments responsible for different aspects of enforcement. It was easy for one individual to pass information to other agencies in a manner that did not convey the urgency or gravity of the situation, many times the letters were glanced at and stamped with no follow ups. Conflict of interest is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests and serving one interest could involve in working against another. Conflicts of interest that occurred in this case was the fact that the Medill was interested more in the production and money than of the lives of the miners. On one occasion when there was a safety meeting Scanlon recalls them all having whiskey and drinking, having a good time apparently not worried about the conditions of the workplace. Scanlon told him that the mine was in such condition that if the dust became ignited that it would sweep from one end of the mine to the other and probably kill every man in the mine, and his reply to me was, we will just have to take that chance. Clearly, his interest in production was conflicting and working against the well-being of the miners because caring for the well-being of the miners would mean either closing the company down until it was safe enough to work in or cutting the work days to include some days for cleaning. Both options that would result in production loss and sadly, none they were willing to make to ensure the workers lives were safe. What happened in Centralia was the result of politics and public administration becoming intertwined to the point that decisions were made for political reasons rather than the agency goals of protecting workers and regulating the mining industry.The type of justice that the family members of the Centralia No. 5 mine explosion should receive is compensatory justice, this type of justice refers to the distribution and compensation of rewards to individual and parties inequitably affected. This is the kind of justice that is at stake in debates over damage to workers’ health in coal mines in which some argue that mine owners should compensate the workers whose health has been ruined while others argue that workers voluntarily took on this risk when they chose employment in the mines. However, the family should be compensated considering the many attempts that the inspectors and the mine workers did to try to get help from the authority figures prior to the Centralia No. 5 explosion which they neglected. Although, it won’t return the loss of their loved ones this type of compensatory justice could help the families get back on their feet and take the time to grief rather than to be overwhelmed with the financial stress that comes when losing their loved one.


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