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U.S. Policy Against Canada

The environmental relationship between the United States and Canada has been very consistent and free from any kind of controversy or warfare. Canada has always been an ally to the United States and has had a good relationship in all matters including the environment. It would be very costly for the United States to cut ties with Canada because they are very close to the U.S. and provide many environmental and trade opportunities for them also. The only environmental problems between the U.S. and Canada is due to the transboundary smog that has been drifting over into the U.S. from Canadian companies located close to the U.S.-Canada border.
Canada and the United States have provided each other with many environmental and trade opportunities. One example of this was seen in 1991 when these two countries signed an agreement on Air Quality in order to protect both countries from the increasing amounts of acidic rain that had begun to fall on the two countries. This agreement was not meant to hinder either country, but instead to better each countries environment.

Another way, a rather extensive way that the United States and Canada have joined forces to help Canadas environment is through aid sent to Canada from the US. The United States has laid the foundation for environmental protection programs in Canada so that the Canadians would be knowledgeable about their environment. This knowledge would include ways to protect the environment and to preserve it. The United States has also provided millions of dollars for Canada to use in order to create programs to preserve their environment.

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I feel that the policy the United States should use towards Canada in terms of environmentalism in the future should be very similar to the current policy. I feel that instead of trying to change everything in Canada, we should help them to make the changes that they have become knowledgeable enough on their own to choose to enact. Since Canada and the United States are connected damage to their environment would directly lead to damage to the environment of the United States.


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