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Typical Westerns

Typical Westerns justyn dallmann Typical Westerns I think that Stephen Crane used alto of ideas from typical writings. I say this because some of the things were not typical but many of them were. This made the story unique because it wasn’t the same as most other westerns but in some ways it was the same. This was not typical because in most westerns the person in jail doesn’t get to leave and do his own thing during the day when he is hungry. Also the typical western doesn’t have a man having an affair with a woman in san antone then have the man end up getting married to that women without any of his neighbors or friends finding out. This western was typical because it had alto of the typical character types the cowboys, bartenders, sheriff, gunfighters, town drunk.

It also had the typical settings the ranch, small town, the saloon, board walk, and the jail. There was also many common images like the old buildings, the cowboy hats, the boots, the horses, the buggy, the train, the poker games, and alcohol. These are some reasons why I think it is like a typical western writing. I found that Stephen Crane wrote this story to be a unique story in its own way but yet still have many of the typical western characters, and settings. I think this improved the story for me because when you read or see the same thing every time you get sick of it and you like to have something different like this western love story. I enjoyed this play very much and I hope that we read some more plays during this class Film and Cinema.

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