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Tristan Gilbert

Video Art
Marcel Duchamp
Born in 1887 Marcel Duchamp would transform the way some people think about
the art world. Duchamp created the idea with his “Bicycle Wheel”
sculpture. He took a bicycle wheel and compromised its initial purpose by
inverting it and attaching it to the seat of a wooden stool. He also
rendered the stool useless by attaching the wheel to the seat. This was
the first in a series of creations he called “readymades”. He created 21
of these between the years 1915 and 1923. Duhamp said, “If you want to
break all the rules of the artistic tradition, you have to begin by
discarding its fundamental values: beauty and artisanship.” Duchamp
created art without using traditional techniques. He decided that the
outcome of the piece and the way it looks was not as important as the
pieces that make up the composition and the vision that was used to create
the composition. “Traveler’s Folding Item” allowed the audience to
interact with the sculpture by looking under the cover. “Bicycle Wheel”
also lets the viewer interact. These sculptures are all comprised of
unimportant materials put together in a way that renders them totally
useless. Duchamp also created “Unhappy Readymades” which were almost
entirely conceptual art. It consists of only a set of instructions for
exposing a geometry textbook to the elements for a designated period of
time. Duchamp didn’t even create a piece of art, he only created the
instructions on how the art was to be created. Art is useless.


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