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Trinity Samarita Gun Violence In America The issue is gun violence

Trinity Samarita
Gun Violence In America
The issue is gun violence.
How did this issue or problem start? What were the origins?
Charles Whitman was a former marine sharpshooter. He went to a top of a tower and shot
and killed 15 people which was known as the first infamous mass shooting in modern America.
Since that incident, gun violence has become more of a problem. More americans has been killed
by gun violence since 1968 than the number of americans that were killed in all the wars fought.
Now, there has been many shootings especially in 2016, when the gun death rate increased.
Why does this issue or problem need to be addressed?
This issue needs to be addressed because it is getting out of hand. Lately, there have been
so many mass shootings in the past year. I feel like it’s all the time I’m hearing that there's
another shooting in America on the news. Every year the number of deaths from gun violence is
increasing. Innocent lives are being taken because people decide that they should go around
killing others. People don’t feel like they’re safe anymore, especially in schools,which is one of
the places kids should feel safe. ?Since Sandy Hook, there have been at least ?1,576 mass
shootings resulting in at least 1,788 dead and 6,333 injured ?. Another fact is, ?The United States is
the most heavily armed country in the world ?, with 90 guns for every 100 citizens. This means a
lot of guns can be in the hands of the wrong people and this makes America the most gun-filled
country in the world.
Who are the stakeholders and what are their respective interests?
The stakeholders are the people that are affected by gun violence, kids, students and
many adults as well. They want change because who wants to live in a community where people

Trinity Samarita
worry about being injured or killed by guns. I believe governments are also stakeholders because
they should want what’s best for their people and try to solve these problems like gun violence.
What will be your focus?
My focus is the issue of gun violence nationally in America because that’s where a lot of
the mass shootings have been and America has a high rate of gun violence as well.
What other civic actions have already been taken regarding your issue and are they
effective or ineffective?
Starting with expanding background checks. Some states like ?California, Colorado,
Illinois, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island require background checks to purchase firearms on
sale at gun shows and also including sales by unlicensed dealers. This is effective because it
prevents gun falling into the hands of the wrong people.
the Brady Act (also known as ?the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act) ? is a law that
was passed on November 30, 1993. This ?law established that if you wanted to buy a gun, you
had to wait 5 days before the licensed importer, manufacturer or dealer could sell, deliver or
transfer a handgun to someone who is unlicensed. Although in states that don’t have an
acceptable alternate system of conducting background checks on handgun purchases, the waiting
duration of 5 days applies. This law has prevented ?more than 1.3 million criminals and other
prohibited purchasers from buying guns.
Arming teachers was put into place by Trump just recently and I think it is ineffective
because it just increases the risk of creating more violence and accidents. A little while after
Trump's announcement for arming teachers, a California high school teacher accidentally fired a

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Trinity Samarita
gun his classroom, injuring a student. Is is also ineffective because lots of teachers might not be
trained therefore cannot shoot accurately.
Organizations that are helping with gun control are ?Everytown for Gun Safety ? and the
National Rifle Association. ?They are both non-profit organizations that advocate for gun control,
against gun violence and gun rights.
There was an Obama-era policy that restricted mentally ill people to buy guns. This is
now ineffective because Trump have gotten rid of this policy.
Which government bodies and/or other institutions must be contacted in
You can email or call your elected representative or their legislative assistant about the
issue of gun violence. Also people contact their senators and say that change needs to happen.
These people are supposed to listen to their people and why they want change to happen. The
president probably hasn't done much about gun violence but if senators and representatives can
help change communities little by little, at least change is starting to happen.
Action Plan
Banning all guns from america won’t solve the problem. There will still be many people
that have guns from black markets and people that illegally sell guns. Some things that I would
do to help make a change is:
? Raising awareness, I would start an account about gun violence and how people can help
stop in on different social media accounts. The good thing about social media is that you
can use it to let your voice be heard. As time goes on and on, more people would be
informed about this issue and would hopefully want to do more about this issue

Trinity Samarita
especially teens. We are the future and if we do something about this issue now, then
hopefully there will be a better outcome
? Join a gun violence prevention organization. I would get my friends and family to join
this as well and maybe they could tell their friends. This would create more awareness
across the community and wanting to do something for change
? In America, there are lots of protests. I would gather some people and go protesting
against gun violence which is a good way to show support for this issue
? I would contact organizations that are against gun violence and give ideas like:
? Reducing easy access to guns. In America for the most part, anyone can get a gun
especially in gun shows. Even neighbours and friends can sell you a gun
? Requiring a mandatory training and license for gun owners so they know how to
handle a gun properly and so they legally own a gun.
? Ban assault weapons. Banning dangerous weapons like ?semi-automatic pistols,
rifles and shotguns. These weapons are highly dangerous and is what is used for
lots of mass shootings.
? Educating people about gun violence and the consequences of their actions. When
people more informed about political issues, sometimes it makes them want to
step in an help or just knowing why is it wrong to do this
? Putting more mental health services into place at schools. A quote from an article
says ” ?peer-reviewed research ? has shown that individuals with major mental
disorders (those that substantially interfere with life activities) are more likely to
commit violent acts, especially if they abuse drugs.” A lot of shootings are due to

Trinity Samarita
people that are mentally ill. Putting mental health services in schools will help
reduce this because kids and teens are getting the help they need and will decrease
the number of homicides and suicides.
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Trinity Samarita
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Trinity Samarita


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