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Tobacco Industry

Tobacco Industry Since my presentation was on Microsoft, I am going to try to analyze the Tobacco industry presentation. The Tobacco industry is an industry where they make tobacco products, then distribute it to stores, which then sell them to the consumer. Some tobacco manufactures are Camel, Marlboro (lights or reds? you choose), and Newport. Many people like to smoke cigarettes so they usually are the ones that purchase the tobacco. Because many people smoke tobacco, the Tobacco industry makes millions of profit off people who smoke.

Tobacco has proven to cause cancer and other diseases. Tobacco is addicting, so many consumers have trouble quitting. Tobacco therefore, causes death. One way of marketing this deadly product is Advertising. Although advertising is very expensive, that expense will eventually be covered by future profits and more. Advertising targets all ages. Who ever can get their hands on cigarettes will be the consumer for a very long time.

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But isn’t there an 18-age limit on people who can buy cigarettes? Yes, but then why are there so many teens hooked on cigarettes. Obviously there is no control over that too. Even thought the box is labeled and causes lung cancer and death, and is also addicting, people want to suet these tabacco companies. People want the government to regulate the sale of these cigarettes because too many minors are buying these cigarettes. This means that these minors will become hooked at an early age and then die sooner from the cigarettes. People also accuse some Tobacco companies of advertising to teenagers for example Joe Camel targets young adolescents.

The Joe Camel dresses in baggie cool clothing, and hangs out with the crowd playing pool and smoking cigarettes called Camel. Another way the Tobacco tries to make their profit is by advertising in stores near schools and colleges where young people will stroll in during break time. Come on, business is business. You got make the profit. The Tobacco industry knows and everyone knows this product kills, its right on the package: This product is hazardous to your health? in other words, this product will turn your lungs black, cause birth defects, and will murder you, be careful. Well the company warns and the consumer chooses.

The tobacco industry advertises to gain sales. It is the thing to do when you have a business. You want a toque, just go and buy. . But this product is only made to smoke or chew, not to clean the floor.

Yeah we have the right to choose to smoke or not smoke but do children have the knowledge to choose between health and being cool with your friends? Maybe after their hooked and their lungs are black. The Industry is not helping when they advertise to teenagers. Labeling and warning about the dangers of the product is a must. And as adults, we make our own decisions. We choose whither we want to become addicted and later die at an early age. Young people do not.

These people are still immature and do not think of long-term consequences. Regulating advertising is a must for kids minds and health. It will reduce the wants and coolness of smoking or chewing tobacco. The government should step in and control the situation at retail stores so that is harder for kids to get their hands on tobacco. For us adults, we are intelligent enough to know what can kill us.



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