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This story that you about to read is about two young teens who had been raised by a drug dealer mom’s

This story that you about to read is about two young teens who had been raised by a drug dealer mom’s, even she was doing bad thing she had been taken care of her two children .but at the end they have to go to a care and separated.

Before all those dramas, James was a young teen who had been bullying by a little girl in his class, where every day she talked about James mom but one time James decide to put an end to her joke. As she was talking James asked her to stop, but she did not care about what James said, she kept going .the whole class was laughing at her joke. James did not take it as a joke and decide to keep her mouth shut, as he going to put his hand on her mouth his fingernails scratch the young girl to her face and make a big mark in her face .as soon he sees that he decided to live the class by going at the window as he was going a teacher hold his shirt ,but that did not stop him to leave . After that big accident, James knows that he was dead because he knows what his mom’s capable of, so he starts wondering what should he do.
When James come home it was around 2 pm see his mom and his stepfather that he calls uncle Ron who was drinking alcohol. James know that alcohol was not good for his mum health but James was not focusing on that, he was about to tell his mom what had happened before he heard it from someone else. AS He was about ta talk to his mom uncle Ron interrupt him and ask him to go get his sister whose Ron’s daughter ,James was very upset about the fact that uncle Ron was annoying him .James went out to go get his sister Laurent , as he walking with her 5 guys plus the brother of that little girl that James had just scratch came in front of James and beat him . The brother and his gang know for broking cars ,stealing people money and other bad things .Laurent was very furious about what just happened to his brother and also wondering what did he do to make those gangster beat him like that . James did not have any choice then tell his sister ,so he did and let blame by his little sister . So after all that James and Laurent get home and as he coming he see an ambulance so they both wondering what happened ? .

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As he open the door he see his mom cover and also see uncle Ron try to cry ,it was hurt really hurt that him and his sister could not stay seal. After these whole big day James woke up at a hospital , he was very upset about the fact that he was there and also asking what happened last night ? The doctor had just the respond for him by responding him that his mom died . James was very sad and start crying . After3 big hours a old lady come and talk to him . The old woman is the director of a care “department of orphans ” James had seen the woman look very nice as he did not have any choice he decide to move to the care . As he was at her car he ask the lady what happened to his sister . The lady respond him that Ron came a take his daughter .

AS HE TURN TO HIS 17 BIRTHDAY James had got a big job offer by a old man name Richard Stevenson , who have a big company about recruit young spy . James was vey good at math , and because of that the man decide to give him the job . So it was a bad starting to quite a good ending . As he 18 James had chance to have his first mission and god only KNOW what going to happened .. Hey reader stay tuned if you want learn more about this story.


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