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The World

The World The World The world is a messed up place and we are all stuck here until our lives are through, or until we choose to leave. It’s strange that I go along with everything everyone tells me, such as that I should ware certain cloths or listen to certain songs. I often wonder why I do the things I do, but then I just realize that’s who I am. People are confused about why they are here and they don’t understand what life is supposed to be about. They think that they should be a certain way or think a certain way, but they are all wrong.

We should all act however we want to and not let the world influence us. Chapter one When I was a child I thought that the world was to big for me to understand, but I was wrong. The world is easy to understand if you’re not crazy. All you got to do is realize that no one really knows what he or she is doing or where he or she is going. Every day that I wake up I wish that the world would change to where it was all right to be who you really are. Instead you have got to be what the world wants you to be.

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Its sad that these days a child can be left out of a certain group because his parents cant afford the outrageously expensive cloths that the other kids ware. This may cause the child to feel less encouraged to try in school or other activities. This is the kind of small thinking that causes a teen to act out in violence. After years of being picked on and labeled as a trouble maker just because of who he or she is and were he/she comes from. Society often blames parents or television for these tragedies because they cant admit that their own selfishness and lack of respect for those less fortunate is the true poison of the world.

I once saw a man sitting on a street corner playing a guitar with his guitar case open. People passed him without looking or listening. Every now and then someone would toss some loose change or even a dollar, but they still never herd the music the man was playing. I stood and listened for about ten minutes to what was the greatest live version of “Free Bird” that I had ever heard. When the man finished I offered him some money not so people would see me doing but because I thought his performance was well worth it.

The man just smiled at me and declined it saying, “no thanks, your applauds are all the payment I was looking for.” That was the moment in my life when I realized the world had it all wrong and society was blind. I was twelve years old. Since that day I’ve been on a quest to in some way show the world what I was fortunate enough to learn. I’ve tried in many ways to show my peers that it’s ok to do your own thing and not follow others. Often I’ve just been criticized for my actions and told that I was being ridiculous, which in a few extreme cases was true, but I didn’t let that stop me.

Over the past six years of my life I’ve crawled out of what could be called the filth of society and established myself as an “outstanding young man” in order to get people to notice my examples I’m trying to set. Of course I totally despise myself for the levels I’ve stooped to in order to get where I am today. Never the less, I believe if you’re going to do something right u might as well go all out. So I guess by writing this I’m trying to finalize the actions that have taken place in my life during what are suppose to be the most important years of a teens life. Perhaps this book will help open a few eyes and turn a few heads but more then likely it will just be criticized and manipulated my several people that are just afraid of the honest to god truth of the lives that we live.

Yet, if it does only change one persons view on things and helps them to make at least one decision on their own then I shall be satisfied. Chapter Two Well I guess the best place to begin this venture into my own reality is to start at the base of the problem. Now I know I’m treading on thin ice with this entire book so forgive me if you get a fended by the truth. I think it all begins at home with the parents of young Americans. You see, in order for someone to grow up with frame of mind thinking that you should be a certain way they must first be taught to think this way. The best example would have to be a young white middle class male growing up in the south during the rise of the Klu Klux Klan.

From birth this young man is taught to dislike black Americans for no other reason then the fact that his redneck father tells him to. Now the ignorance of this child’s father leads him to have an unknown hatred that he will pass on to his children (after his sister gives birth to them) that will pass it on to their children. So know you have several generations of racist rednecks just because back in the day their great grandfather thought it was the cool thing to do. Now take a similar situation in modern day New York with a black family that hates whites because their grandparents where slaves. They show the same ignorance as the white redneck that doesn’t now any better because that’s the way they were both raised and they both know there is no need for this racism against each other but there are to many out side influences telling them otherwise. Its sad when some many differences can easily be solved if we would just take off the blind fold long enough to see the truth, that we are all human on the same planet trying to accomplish the same goals.

Racism is a terrible thing and I could probably write a whole book on it, but I’m not going to. My goal is to show several points in depth yet this topic, witch is the cancer of society, is one that I choose to vaguely touch base on then move on. So I think I’ve maid my point clear. If not then I shall briefly restate it. ” Don’t let ignorance blind you from the truth person before you”.

Another great example of the some what tragic influence parent have on their kids could be best described using what I like to call the “Do as I say not as I do” scenario. This shows how hypocritical parents can be in trying to better them selves through their child’s life. The best case would be a nine year old child who is scared to strike out in baseball not because it would let his team down but because it would upset his father who by the way never played baseball worth a damn but if you ask him he was the greatest and his son will be to. Now you have the same kid as a senior in high school playing a game that he hates but pretends he loves because that’s just how it should be. The same guy is also dating the head cheerleader and cheating on her with two other girls for no reason other then the fact that his old man did the same thing in high school.

This kind of irresponsible parenting is what often causes athletes to over do themselves and miss growing up. I’ve met to many teen that fill that they must devote their young lives to nothing but pleasing their parents, instead of themselves. These are the same kids that when cute loose at college often flunk out because for the first time they get to experience life. They fall into the party seen and fall behind in their studies. I’m not suggesting that parents should let their kids run free with out rules or boundaries, but at least let them make their own mistakes and learn from them so they don’t fall apart in the real world.

I sometimes find myself cursing my parents for not giving me this attention that I’ve described. Yet, if they had sheltered me from the truth I don’t think I’d be the person who I am today. My parent split up when I was nine years old and while they where busy fighting with each other my older brother was the one that thought me about life and how I have the ability to do what I want and make my own choices. He thought me how to take care of myself when others where to caught up in their lives to notice what I needed. When he left for boot camp at the end of my sixth grade year I found myself virtually alone for the first time in my life. Don’t get me wrong; my parents are not bad people. They just had their own problems and I didn’t want to bother them with mine.

So after running into some trouble with the law I made the choice to change my life and make something of it. This meant changing my friends and my bad reputation I had developed through my tougher younger years. I got involved in sports because I wanted to and I made some great friends that I will never lose. I also found out that I had a great mind for helping people. This is when I first encountered the pressure that most kids where going through with their parents.

These where guys that I had admired because I thought they had it all, a great family and great athletic ability. I soon found out just how lucky I was to be able to live my own life. While this freedom made me seem like somewhat of a rebel to most parents, it made me seem like a gimps of hope to my peers. Some adults applauded me for my efforts while others saw me as a glitch in their brainwashing scheme. Don’t take this the wrong way, I wasn’t like Jone of arch or anything I was just a glimpse of what most of my friends would one-day experience. I was the truth about what was waiting for them outside of their parents’ shell that they had been confided to for their whole lives.

It’s to bad that parents shelter their kids for as long as they do. If they would only see that most kids will get involved with sports and do good in school on their own if they would just get the chance to figure life out on their own, and if they don’t then they probably wont once they are turned loose from their gravy chain. Chapter 3 The largest problem with today society is the constant pressure that teens have put on them by the world of entertainment. While most things on television aren’t bad it’s the little things that make it hard to be a teen. In the days of the boy bands and the rap rock groups most teens are torn between being a “punk”, with long hair and no real fashion statement other then blue jeans and a t-shirt, and being a “prep” with gelled hair and tight cloths.

This often causes large groups of divers people to cling to those more like themselves. In the splitting of these two groups I’ve seen the best of friends turn the other way when passing each other in the hall. Now it is possible for the two groups to coincide with each other but it often takes a certain few individuals to bring them together. These people are known as the peace keeps. The ones that don’t choose either side, but choose to be them selves. They are respected by both sides and give to different people a mutual friend.

This may only be my personal opinion or the way I see things at my school, but no matter where or when people should be able to relate to what I’m talking about. Through out history there have always been different groups of people living close to each other in society. This is just the way the world works. Yet, in the past ten years there has been a large out burst of “free thinkers”. What I often find up setting is that in order to fit in with today’s fashion trends you have to be able to affor …


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