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The Scarlet Story

The Scarlet Story In this book the prison was built for all the sinners in the town. It was a symbol of punishment to the people. It was made of cold stone wall and it was right in the middle of the quiet town. It also represented crime because of all the different crimes people have done to get in there. And a symbol of sadness for everyone that was inside the prison.

Hawthornes significance of the prison was to show even in a small town there is always some siners and some evil.he also wants you to see how the Puritan law sees people as criminals or as siners. Another important symbol in this story was the rosebush outside the prison. It was very beutiful. It represents beauity because of the rose petles that grow on it. And a symbol of pain because of the thorns on the stem of the plant that protect the plant from different things.

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And it give hope to the people inside to see a beutiful rosebush growing right outside. It also represents life and rebirth in how the plant can surive all by itself and how the petals can die and fall off and thay grow back. Hawthorne uses it as to say there is a little good in all evil. Also probely one of the most important symbols in this story was the scarlet letter. It represented adultery which haster was caught for comiting.

Which is a very big sine in this town. It also stands for punishment for what she has done, and by having it on everyone knows what she has done to disurve it. ut on the other hand it also stands for pride. Hester wore it with pride and even when she could take it off she dident.And Hawthorne is symbolizing that even know she sined Theres a difference between doing and being wrong. Also the most important women in the story was Hester. She was a symbol of being good at heart and being kind to other people. And also she was look at as havind a strong will.

Because she still wore the A on her chest even know everyone in the town mocked her every day. Also symbolized as a good mother to pearl, even know pearl got her kicked out of the town.But she was also protrade a siner because she comitted adultry when her husband was gone.Also Hawthorne even know the A was so bold on her chest she over came it and wore it as a trophy. Also Hesters daughter Pearl was a very important person in this story too. She was symbolized as a gift from the gods. because she was very smart,controling,and perceptive of the thing that go on around her,also the mocking from the people in the town every day.She was also a product of sine,because Hester was not married to Dimmesdale when she had her.

Also she is concitered as evil, in how she would throw rocks at the little boys and girls when they went into town. By that Hawthorne is saying that there is a little evil in all of us. Speech and Communications.


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