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The Rise Of Hitler

The Rise Of Hitler The Rise of Hitler I. Introduction Exactly how did Hitler come into power? What drove him to become the way he was? Why did he kill all those people? In this report, Ill examine these questions and many others. II. The early years Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 at Branau am Inn in Austria-Hungary. He went by his mother’s last name Schicklegruber until 1876 when he took the name Hitler. He spent much of his childhood in upper Austria linz. He had a terrible record in school.

He stayed in school until 1905 when he was 16 years old. He aspired to become an artist and applied for entrance into the Vienna academy but was rejected for lack of talent. Hitler’s mother passed away five years after the death of his father. The death of his mother was an important event because it helps to explain his anti-Semitic views. His Mother Klara was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated with a kind of iodine. Their family doctor was Jewish and his name was Edward Bloch.

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Klara died on December 21, 1907. On Christmas eve Hitler went and thanked Bloch for doing all he could and then Bloch gave him the bill. His mother’s doctor bill amounted to ten percent of his mother’s estate. That was when Hitler became furious with Jewish peoples and began hating Jews. For the next few years, Hitler made his living writing postcards for advertisements.

III. Before and after World War I German generals requested armistice negotiations with the allies in November of 1918. Under the terms of the armistice, the German army was allowed to remain intact. They were not forced to admit defeat by surrendering. The French and British were convinced Germany would not be a threat again.

The failure to force German general staff to admit defeat would have a huge impact on the future of Germany. The German general staff would support the false idea that the army had not been defeated on the battlefield and couldve fought on to victory. Many people believed in the stab in the back theory. German politicians who signed the armistice on November 11, 1918 became known as the November criminals. Many of which were Jewish.

After the armistice, remnants of the German army straggled home from the front to face big uncertainty. Germany was now a republic-form government, which Germans historically had little experience or interest in. Germans blamed Jews for the loss of World War I. It was easy for people to make Jews scapegoats. In the summer of 1919 Adolph Hitler was still in the army.

He was stationed in Munich and had become an informer. Corporal Hitler named soldiers in his barrack who supported Marxist uprisings in Munich, which resulted in arrests and executions. Hitler became one of many undercover agents in the German army weeding out Marxist influence in the ranks. Adolph was a lonely man, who unable to establish even ordinary human relations. The army sent him to a political indoctrination course at the university of Munich, where he came to the attention of his superiors. Hitler’s anti Semitic outbursts impressed his superiors.

In August of 1919, Hitler was given the of job lecturing returning German POWs on the dangers of communism, pacifism, democracy and disobedience. He also delivered tirades against the Jews that were well received among the weary soldiers that were looking for someone to blame for all their misfortunes. Hitler discovered much to his delight that he could speak well in front of a strange audience, hold their attention and sway them to his point of view. Hitler referred to himself as a born orator. For his next assignment, he was ordered in September of 1919 to investigate a small group in Munich called the German Workers Party.

IV. The new republic and the treaty of Versailles After they were defeated in World War I, Germany established the Weimar republic under the treaty of Versailles. The new German republic would eventually have a constitution on paper that made it one of the most liberal democracies in history. The constitutions ideals included equality, political power for the people, political minority representation, a new Reichstag cabinet, a chancellor and a president. Germany was a nation in political and social chaos.

The Weimar republic was doomed from the start. The development of the Weimar republic caused agitation, unemployment and massive inflation. The leaders of the new German democracy made deal with German general staff that allowed the generals to maintain rank as long as they had the armys support in return. On June 28, 1919 the treaty of Versailles was signed and the allies dutifully ratified the German democratic government. Under the terms of the treaty, Germany alone was forced to accept responsibility for causing the war and had to pay huge war reparations for the damage. The Germans were forced to give up land to France and Poland.

The German army was limited to 100,000 men. The German army forbidden have submarines military aircraft. The treaty humiliated the German nation to the world. V. Hitler’s ideas Hitlers ideas of an Aryan super race gained support among the Germany Nordic races.

Hitler thought the superior race would have blond hair, blue eyes and be Christian. He expressed interest in expanding German territory, which helps explain why he invaded Europe before Russia. He stated Jews planned to keep Germans from ruling. Hitler describes the struggle for world domination in an ongoing racial, cultural and political battle between Aryans and Jews. He began negative views of Jewish people after a Jewish doctor couldnt save his mother from cancer and left a huge bill. Hitler believed the Aryan race was superior to the Jews.

He blames the Jews for Germany’s problems including the horrific loss of World War I. After Mein Kampf, discussions on genocide rely less on concealment and camouflage because Germany became accustomed to it. Only later could he convert genocidal idealogy to physical actions. He followed anti -Semitic writings by Sigmund Freud, who believed there was superior races and inferior races. Hitler believed all advances in art, technology and sciences came from Aryan people and never Jews, although Albert Einstein was Jewish. Hitler wanted see the nation throw the limitations of the treaty and take it’s place in the world. Hitler wanted rebirth Germany into a strong nationalist government.

Hitler would speak out endlessly against the treaty and gain much support. Hitler believed building a strong nationalist, pro military, anti -Semitic party made of w …


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