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The Reality Of A Hero Definition Essay

the reality of a hero – definition essay jj The Reality of a Hero Heroes are a creation of a societys take on someone to be worshiped and adored. The most common definition of a hero is a man who is given great courage and strength, praised for his good looks, does no wrong and is the object of admiration for every man, woman and child. Heroes have had changing roles since man wrote his story, and all have been the picture of each society and each civilizations ideals. Now a days a child with visions of hoop dreams, is largely affected by basketball superstar, Michael Jordan. He inspires the young depraved ghetto child to rise up against his unfortunate circumstances.

Aside from their many important qualities, and their thought to be flawless identities, all heroes possess faults because they are human and all humans fail sometimes. Heroes begin to fold and make mistakes as they are suddenly thrown into the limelight, and their pureness is broken and looked over as the public craves to see the dirt underneath the hero. There are heroes for all ages, and for both men and women. Although now a days the definition of a hero depends on societys beliefs, laws and their imaginations. Heroes making mistakes are only natural, they are human and all humans possess faults.

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All human beings are born and die with character traits, which can be, helpful or harmful. People normally have traits ranging from a perfectionist, to the most common, a coward. These traits form the human personality and define the individuals personal nature. The nature of our so called heroes are, as defined before, brave and full of courage, the object of admiration and respect to all. Teen gangs beat, rape and steal all the while embracing courage, bravery and look down on cowards and stupidity. That, sounding a lot like the character traits of the ideal hero, is perceived very differently in the eyes of the public.

Bank robbers, rapists and gang members are not at all role models for society yet they carry the same character traits as them. The definition of a hero is not detailed enough to relate to all people in all situations, and is not broad to fulfill every persons imagination. In a fairy tale book a hero is described as a gracious knight who prides himself on his own personal truth, honor, freedom, and courtesy. The author views a hero as one who is without fault, and truly embodies all goodness. Heroes arent all goodness though, that is just what their definition believes they should be.

Public figures, our modern heroes, are living a life of pain as the newspapers praise them and at the same time rip them to shreds. All heroes from across the globe have to deal with it, from Walt Disney to Princess Diana. With all their good deeds and amazing accomplishments, they were never seen as heroes just because it was said or written that they made a few mistakes. It should not matter what errors they made but how they react to them and what they are going to do about it. Of course that is only one opinion, based on a belief that has been influenced by this day and age as all imagination has.

Heroes have become more and more the personal idea of an individual. In the fairy tale, the knight and his white hoarse is the common definition of a hero, but he is not the only one. Every individual in our known world has a different definition of a hero, and it is only through that personal understanding that a true hero may surface. Young children grow up in a world where they are placed in front of the television and begin to view the world from a very different perspective compared to the generation before them. Which exposes them to view people with twisted ideals compared to that of their parents.

They have different methods of reasoning that lead to the changing roles of heroes within the human race. Heroes like superman are put away and forgotten while Bart Simpson, the trouble maker from the dysfunctional family TV show, is every ten year olds role model. The effects of heroes on people today are largely dependent on the people themselves. No longer is the classic fairy tale knight in shinning armor the true definition of a hero. Now a hero can range anywhere from a sports star who takes drugs to a loved family member.

Shattering the simple definition a hero is an individual persons individual dream, based largely on societys view and laws. A hero is a dream, a dream is a wish your heart makes, and a wish is kept only for the one who wishes. So a simple definition of a hero can not contain all the wishes of everyone who dreams.


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