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The leaps and bounds of technology are shaking people’s imagination

The leaps and bounds of technology are shaking people’s imagination, inventing something that does not just exist for the name of invention but for a purpose that makes a great impact to the society. It makes things simple, quick and with no hassle. It is generally utilized by people on their day to day living and they cannot deny the fact that it is part and accommodating to them. Individuals ended up noticeably ward of its use, much the same as in business, work or even at their home. Now, technology immersed itself in the field of education, where new inventions help the students, faculty and staff be accommodated with no bother.
The teachers have long emphasized how important attendance is for students, single absent makes a big impact in their school performance. Only in the classroom may the student can hear the teacher’s presentation, take part in class discussions and enjoy the benefits of spontaneous interactions between the students and teachers. It comes as no surprise that students with high absence rates earn lower grades than students with better attendance (Redick & Nicoll 1990), and attendance checking is required in every school since it is part of the policy. Student’s attendance information is recorded in an attendance register, a statutory record that holds the records of student’s attendance in daily basis and must be kept in every school.
Monitoring of student’s attendance is a big help to identify those who are sick, truants, absentees and those students who regularly attends school. In Integrated Developmental School (IDS), students’ attendance are daily monitored manually by teachers or by the assigned student monitor, thus the researchers believe that it takes time to do them and there are also cases that this attendance register will be lost or damaged which causes delay to the teachers.
A manual system is done by hand to keep records without using a computer system or any automatic system. These system suffer from higher rate of inaccuracy and they are much slower than computerized system. An automated system is composed of elements designed to perform a set of tasks that have been programmed to work automatically with the lesser need of human inputs and instructions. These system offers a higher rate of more accurate data and keeps files more efficient and is retrieve-ready in any case.
Now, the researchers come up with the idea of innovating a prototype gadget that deals with the attendance system upon going inside and outside the class in Integrated Developmental School (IDS), and keeps an eye on those students who cut classes using a barcode scanner, this also provides the institution an automated system used in keeping student’s daily record that will save data that is always ready when needed for any retrieving activity using. There is the need for the uniqueness and easy way of recognizing students in class of which they are mandated to attend. The attendance monitoring system is made possible with the use of Visual Basic and Microsoft Access. The system checks the attendance of the students using their existing Identification Card or ID, which makes a big and effective help for the adviser. This will assure the users about the accuracy, effectiveness and certainty of the information and the monitoring that can be updated often. The teacher doesn’t have to check manually, that is time-consuming, but rather let the system do the work. This manual system should be replaced with a new procedure that eventually improves the institute’s productivity.


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