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The First Amendment Says Its All Right To Express Ones Opinions As Long As That Opinion Doesnt Do Any Harm To Others Flag Bur

The first amendment says it’s all right to express one’s opinions as long as that opinion doesn’t do any harm to others. Flag Burning, as the Supreme Court declared it, is protected underneath the first amendment whether you or I like it or not. That is a fact. If the majority believes it’s unjust to this country then I suppose that they come up with a new amendment to declare flag burning unconstitutional. Until they do that, then flag burning will remain legal. I am not saying that burning our nation’s flag, which is dear to my and many other citizens of this country’s hearts, is right.

But as long as the first amendment says what it does, then there’s nothing that we can do about it. Burning our dear nation’s flag is destructive to this country, and it needs to stop. But they do have the right even though it’s not right. What we who oppose flag burning need to do is protest against those who participate in flag burning, without causing violence. If we cause violence, then we would be stooping down to their low level, and it wouldn’t solve anything.

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Flag Burning disgraces all who put their sweat and tears to fight long and hard for this country’s freedom. Those brave honorable heroes are the reason why we are the United States of America, and are the reason why we are lucky enough to bear a flag with such honor, nobility, and grace. Burning our nation’s flag is dishonorable to those founders of this great country. That is no way to show respect to the people who battled to earn the right for our country’s freedom. I know that the reasons behind all of this foolish flag burning is just a way to protest.

But, if the protesters could just take a step back and see how ridiculously foolish they are being, then they would realize just how much they are disrespecting this country. If your going to protest, find another way to express your opinions. And if you are protesting because you don’t like this country, then leave. No one is forcing you to stay. Yes, flag burning is protected under the first amendment, but it is wrong.

Let’s take a stand and protect this country from falling to these foolish, heartless protesters. Let’s make burning the flag indefinitely wrong!.


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