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The Effects the Great Depression Had on Families

Paper Title:
The Effects the Great Depression
Had on Families
What were the effects the Great Depression had on families during the 1930s?
I. The effects the Great Depression had on each family member were, people
were treated differently according to their class. The lower class went through
a lot of struggle and suffering.

The fathers went through the most struggle because they had to care for their
families and they had no money to clothe and feed them. The mothers did all
could to contribute to their families by cooking, cleaning, and caring for

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A. Fathers
1. unemployment
2. feelings of worthlessness
B. Results
1. suicide
2. hungry families
C. Mothers
1. cook
2. clean
3. care for the children
D. Children
1. no school
a. hard to find job
II. Another effect the Great Depression had on families is the struggle that
the lower classes had to go through. Many people started dying from diseases
such as malnutrition and many young were wondering the streets looking from
food, clothing, and shelter.

There was also the problem of unemployment so many fathers couldnt find
jobs the support their families. The fathers who couldnt find work suffered
from anxiety and feeling of worthlessness for failing to provide for their

A. Suffering
1. starvation
2. illness
3. diseases
B. Unemployment
1. no food
2. no shelter
3. no clothing for warmth
Summary Paragraph
My report is basically on the struggle and pain these families in the Great
Depression went through. Many people died from diseases and many people were
poor and living on the streets with no food or money. Some people even committed
suicide because of the depression they were in. Ive learned that the fathers
went through the most trouble because when they were not able to find work they
felt they had been letting their family down, they felt that they had failed.

Concluding Statements
I have really learned a lot from doing this report, I never knew the pain
these people went through during this time. I have found doing this report very
interesting and I enjoyed learning more about it. I cant even imagine what
those families were going through. The upper class had it great compared to what
the lower class had to go through. It must have been so hard to live in this
time and Im glad I didnt have to live through it.

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