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The Drew Carey Show

The Drew Carey Show Actor, comedian, author and television comedy sensation Drew Carey stars in The Drew Carey Show as an average single everyguy struggling to stay financially and romantically afloat in the unpredictable ’90s. From Mohawk Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television, this half-hour comedy depicts the life of a wannabe upwardly mobile guy whose looks, well, wouldn’t get him work modeling Speedos, but at least he’s got a brain and maybe a few dates along the way . . .

There’s just nothing like sharing a beer, a game of pool and a genuine conversation with your best buddies after a hard day’s work. Relationships, careers, the Zen of People magazine–it’s what life’s all about. And with every day on the job involving some sort of crisis, Drew is given a continuous supply of perspective and attitude from his lifelong pals, Kate (Miller), Oswald (Bader) and Lewis (Stiles). Gorgeous, grown-up tomboy Kate recently broke the heart of package-delivery guy Oswald by ending their relationship on their wedding day. Realizing that she and Oswald are better off as friends, Kate sets out to achieve emotional and professional independence. For his part, Oswald remains humorously bitter about the breakup. Meanwhile, Lewis, a janitor at the rarely seen DrugCo pharmaceutical company, seeks a promotion but ends up at odds with his mysterious employer. Drew’s an honest guy who achieved middle-management success as the assistant director of personnel at Cleveland’s Winfred-Louder department store through hard work, determination and knowing when to play by the rules.

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Finally, after many years of dedicated service, Drew has received a long-awaited promotion. But, still healing from his own broken engagement, he’s at a crossroads in his life. Drew finds himself questioning his past personal and career choices–and considers making radical changes. While some aspects of Drew’s professional life have improved, others never will, such as his cold and ruthless boss, Mr. Nigel Wick (Craig Ferguson), and Wick’s obnoxious assistant, Mimi (Kinney), the world’s most horribly made-up woman. Straight from England, Wick reigns over the department store, imposing his own caste system over the poor peasants who work under him.

Now that Mimi’s mad romantic attraction for him has run its course and she has trained her sights on another hapless victim, Wick embarks on a quest for self improvement. As Drew endures Wick’s sadistic joy in other people’s hardships, he must continue to keep his cool under fire from Mimi’s endless insults. He’s even taking pride in sticking it right back to her. After three years of co-existing in the same office, Drew and Mimi have actually developed an endearing love/hate tango of childless pranks and put-downs. Drew finds refuge at home, where inevitably one of his friends and fellow entrepreneurs might be bottling their business, Buzz Beer, a burgeoning idea that took root when Drew feared his job would be cut. As long as Wick is around, Drew’s not about to give up brewing.

It’s probably true that Drew takes adulthood more seriously than Oswald, Lewis, Kate and of course, Mimi. But even with deadlines to make and goals to attain, nothing gets in the way of friendship and fun. In fact, even a rainstorm can’t keep Drew from his daily game of billiards on the pool table outside of the house he inherited from his parents. And with his lifelong friends by his side, growing up definitely does not mean growing old. The Drew Carey Show is executive produced by Bruce Helford, Drew Carey, Clay Graham and Deborah Oppenheimer and created by Drew Carey and Bruce Helford. Poetry.


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