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The Case Of Ufo On Earth

UFOs and Aliens on Earth
If you had mentioned seeing a Unidentified Flying
Object (UFO), or spaceship from another planet 100 years
ago, you would probably be thought of as a raving lunatic.
If you had mentioned one 50 years ago, the case would be
thought about, but with much suspicion. Today, many people
would believe you, and, if you had evidence to prove it, the
government would take a very close interest in your case,
yet many people would call you an idiot. Despite all the
evidence that indicates UFO’s exist, there are still many
people who will not listen to any evidence, and the
government covers up evidence and alters news releases on
the subject.

The Roswell case is one of the best documented, and
most controversial UFO cases ever. In July of 1949, at a
small airforce base in Roswell, New Mexico, a small,
brightly glowing object was observed to crash land at about
11:30 P.M. There were many people who had seen the crash,
and they had described that it was brighter, and fell much
slower than any meteors they had ever seen. At St. Mary’s
Hospital in Roswell, two Catholic nuns, saw the crash,
directly north of them, and logged the crash to have
occurred on July 4, between 10:00 and 11:30 PM.
Southwest of the base, Corporal E. L. Pyles looked
to see what at first he thought was a shooting star, only it
seemed to be to large to be one. He testifies that the
crash happened about 11:00 PM also.

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There were many Military officers in the area who
had seen the object as well. The object was appearing on
military radars for many days before the crash. Before the
crash, on July 1, all of the officers and technicians at the
base had been tracking an unidentified object on their
radars. Starting on July 2nd, Steve MacKenzie, who was
stationed at Roswell, was ordered to report to the White
Sands Proving Ground radar sites and report directly to the
brigadier general at the base. The Brigadier General’s
orders were to inform him of all the movements the object
made. At White Sands, there had been doubt as to whether
this object was a malfunction of radar equipment, or, if it
was in fact, real. So , the airforce had other radar sites
in Albuquerque and Roswell look at the area on their radars.
It was shown that they had, in fact, a real object.

During the evening of July 4, the object changed.
It was growing bigger, then shrinking back to it’s original
size, the blip was pulsating, then the blip grew quite
large, and disappeared from the screen. Because sites in
Albuquerque, White Sands and Roswell were tracking the
object, the airforce had a vague location about where it
crashed. The airforce then decided to launch a
comprehensive search the following morning.

The airforce, however, was the last to arrive at the
site. A group of archaeologists being led by Dr. W. Curry
Holden, had arrived earlier. One of the students recorded
the object as a crashed wingless plane, with a flat
fuselage. The archaeologists then left to inform local
authorities of an aircraft accident.

When the airforce arrived at the Roswell crash site,
there were two other people exploring, a man named Ragsdale
and a woman named Truelove. They had been collecting pieces
of metal from the site, tossing it into their jeep . But,
what they saw after that was much more significant. There
were bodies, lying about. There were several of them, about
four or five feet long. There were five in total, obviously
not human. There were three dead bodies, one in critical
condition, and one, apparently fine. They threw the debris
clear of their jeep when the airforce started driving up,
and got out of there as fast as they could because of fear
of being arrested. When the airforce arrived, they looked
around, and they saw the large craft in the side of the
mountain, partly buried, leaning at about a 30 degree angle,
with large pieces of debris scattered about. After the
airforce had searched and photographed the area, they began
cleaning up. The bodies were loaded into ambulances after
being put into body bags. The living creature was taken
into an ambulance also. The area was cleaned over the next
few days. And when I say cleaned, I mean raking the area
to get all the pieces of debris and using industrial vacuum
cleaners to take care of the rest. A little later, the
airforce located a field that the UFO had apparently flown
over as it crashed. The field had strange debris scattered
all over. A man called Brazel owned the property, and, the
airforce then allegedly kidnapped him for three days. They
also rounded up the archaeologists, and later, tracked down
Ragsdale and Truelove, who drove off as the airforce
arrived, Ragsdale and Truelove and swore them to secrecy.
After they took care of all the other details, they changed
was submitted by an airforce officer, not a civilian, after
story doesn’t hold up well though. After all the reports
were turned in, and all the witnesses had been interviewed,
it didn’t look like the airforce could support baloon story.
So, they have been changing their stories around, from a
weather balloon, to a crashed V2 rocket, to an experimental
aircraft. As recent as June of 1995, the airforce
officially announced that it was in fact a balloon lofted to
view Russian weapon test sites. But, that wouldn’t explain
the bizarre debris, a foil that would re-shape itself
after being bent, and the pieces of metal that would not
melt under any temperature. Nor would it explain the Aliens
themselves. So, none of these explanations could hold
water. The only possibilities are that it was a early US
spacecraft, or, a UFO. And the UFO , for the first time
ever, is the only explanation that makes sense.

The aliens of the Roswell case are the classic
Grey’s. They are short, 3.5 feet tall, slit mouth, and
large oval eyes. They are grey in color and have a very
hostile disposition towards humans. There is no known
record of what happened to the living alien. The last he
was seen, was walking under his own power into the military
hospital (Not the St. Mary’s hospital). In the hospital
there are reports of some Medics from Washington preforming
an autopsy. The alien that was autopsied gave off a
tremendous stench, that caused the doctors to vacate the
room. The bodies were then loaded onto planes, and no one
knows where they went, because of the great scheme the
airforce had to hide the bodies destination. The debris
from the crash site, and the debris in the field, was also
loaded up and taken to different places around the country.

There are three main types of aliens that are said
to visit Earth. There are many other species that have been
reported, but these incidents are to sporadic and
unsupported to believe. The first type of alien are called
the Greys, short, militaristic aliens with no apparent
emotion. They can take a humans life with no apparent
regard for that individual. They are between 3.5 – 4.5 feet
tall, and are totally grey with a slit mouth and oval eyes.
They focus mainly on the study of other lifeforms, and
genetic engineering. Finally, they are a completely cloned
race, which is dying because their DNA is harmed after each
cloning. They may be creating a mix-breed of humans and
themselves in order to create a better race than both.
(David House, 1)
The second type are called The Reptilians. They are
said to be the masters of the Greys. The Reptilians are
said to be travelling to Earth on an asteroid where 30
million of them survive. Though that is unbelievable, if
this was true, these aliens would arrive sometime in the
next couple years. They resemble large, erect alligators.
They should also be considered hostile, because their
technology is so advanced when compared to ours, and they
seem to consider us a lower forms of life. (David House, 2)
Finally, there are aliens which resemble a mixbreed
of humans and Greys. They are the least likely of alien
species to exist, which is unfortunate, because they are the
friendliest. They are the mix-breed of Humans and Greys
that the Greys are creating. Why they have their own
civilization would be a mystery if being a clone is true.
The creatures have our advanced senses, while they have the
Greys advanced brain. (David House, 3)
Many people have different beliefs about UFOs and
the aliens within them. Some people say, Hey, if there ARE
other advanced civilizations out there, WHERE are they?
There are many different beliefs people have today. Some
people flatly disbelieve that there are planets orbiting the
stars that are in the Milky Way. This is false, as there
has been a recent discovery of at least three planets
orbiting a nearby star. Also, the Hubble telescope has
seen, what is thought to be the birth of a starsystem. The
star is surrounded by a large disk of black substance, which
proves the theory of how solar systems are formed. But,
some people think there is only one civilization in a
galaxy. The civilization in their galaxy can not leave
their own galaxy, as that would be intruding on another
civilizations Holy Land. There is only the smallest
chance of that, as there are more than THREE TRILLION stars
in the Milky Way galaxy. More believable would be that
there are other civilizations out in space, only they
are flying around, ignoring us, as they have no use for a
civilization that is as far ahead of us as we are compared
to ants. No civilization that advanced, would most likely
not be interested in humans and their little lives. Again,
another explanation would be they used some kind of drug
and hibernation method that would keep that person alive,
happy, and able to go wherever that individual wanted to.
There could actually be millions of these happy little
sleepers hiding on a few planets out there.

Why was there such a flurry of UFO sightings just
after the nuclear weapon was exploded in Hiroshima and
Nagasaki? Perhaps they just began to fear what we were
doing to ourselves. The UFOs began to hover over weapon
test sites. The Roswell craft flew over the test site in
Nevada for several days, where the first nuclear weapon was
detonated. The aliens have allegedly abducted many people
since then, performing bizarre tests on them. If it is true
that they are depending on us for genetic cross-breeding to
save their species, then it would be understandable that
they show so much interest.

If these aliens are so interested in genetics of our
species, why didn’t they come here before the 1940’s? Well,
that’s not true. There have been reports of aliens here
before the 1940’s. Actually, a long time before. At about
the 11th century, a diary of a young woman was found that
described a red, elongated object that brutally attacked
their small town, killing dozens and kidnapping many more.
The entire town was burned afterwards, and very few
survived. It is very unlikely that someone would make up a
story like this, especially in the 11th century. So we must
spectulate about that event. It could have been anything
from an alien slavery ship, to a meteorite, to a crashing
UFO. But, it would most likely be the slavery ship because
it Killed and kidnapped people from the village. A
meteorite has never killed a person in all of history, not
even the comet that leveled 55 square miles of forest in
Russia. As for a crashing spacecraft, this woman described
a fire beam and terrible devils killing and taking
people. I have been convinced that there was some kind
of alien ship looking for slaves, or perhaps they were
starving and we were the only abundant source of food they
could utilize.

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
program is an operation set up by the government, which not
only sends Easy to interpret information about us humans,
like the location of our home world, population of the
Earth, and little useful things like that for anyone
listening could hear but also listens with some of the
largest satellite dishes in the world. So far, they have
discovered no evidence of an advanced civilization. Not
that they are telling about anyway. SETI has taught us many
things about strange types of stars, and possibly even black
holes by listening to the radio waves. It is also said that
SETI is merely a fake little operation set up by the
government to try to convince people they are looking, but
there’s nothing out there. There are many, many people who
claim to have seen UFOs and the aliens within these craft.
While most of these are proven hoaxes, and many more
unsubstantiated, there are enough sightings that are
investigated, and remain mysteries. To say that there
UFOs is impossible to prove, short of parading onto Larry
King Live with a One eyed, one horned, flying purple people
eater. The government has repeatedly denied the existence
of UFOs for years, but, all the investigations that they
have staged seem to indicate that the US military, at least,
takes UFOs very seriously.

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