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Term Limits

Term Limits Whether or not Congress should have term limits has been a long debated question that is proposed as an amendment to the qualifications clause of the Constitution. There are excellent arguments on either side of the issue; unconstitutionality versus limiting power and diversity versus seniority are just a few. First are the arguments that term limits are democratic. The advocates of this point of view believe that creating term limits would not only add diversity to Congress, but also provide Congress members that are more accountable and not as isolated from their constituents. On the other hand, the arguments against term limits are equally notable. Those opposed to term limits believe that [they] are antidemocratic, restricting peoples electoral choices, and that they would not make the Congress members more accountable, but, instead, shift the focus of members of Congress even more in the direction of local and immediate concerns. There are good and bad points to both sides of the argument.

For instance, opposers of the term limits say its unconstitutional, but we do have term limits on the presidency. Also, advocates want to Congress members from staying in a long time. However, most dont stay in over twelve years anyway and if the current members in seniority all leave who will be able to lead with enough wisdom and discernment? Either way you go someones not going to be happy. If only we could be unhappy and right, though. Current Events.

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