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Tale Of Two Cities And Justice

Tale Of Two Cities And Justice Justice versus injustice, a battle fought since the time of man. Dickens’ most valuable message in A Tale of Two Cities is that justice will always triumph over injustice. Justice and injustice play a big part in the book. In Darnay’s many trials he has each time gotten away from his prosecutors because of help from friends and family. In his first trial his uncle, the Marquis, tries to imprison him for treason, but with the help of Carton he is let free. The second trial was a bit more complex, he is captured by the DeFarges, who don’t plan on giving him a fair trial.

They wanted to do him a great injustice by putting him to death for a law they had made up. The persuasive Dr. Menette reasoned with the jury, so that they would let him off. Of course it is not always this easy. It was very rare in those days that someone would be let off.

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The jury never usually took more than a few seconds to decide if the accused shall be put to death or not. Jail was no longer a matter after the revolution. The guillotine was saving them a great deal of time. People went to jail for only a little while, the trial was short and death even shorter. The third trial of Darnay not filled with much justice.

He was released from jail and not long after, he got picked up again and back to jail he went, where this trial went quickly and he was sentenced to death. Even with this injustice that was given to Darnay, an even stronger justice was handed to him by a friend. Sydney Carton literally gave him life. The day before Charles was to be sent to the guillotine Sydney exchanged places with him, since they looked so much alike nobody could tell the difference. I don’t think his messages apply much in today’s world.

In today’s society things like that are not done. Cases could take years just to get to the court and the trial could even last years. People today get away with murder, robberies, and other federal offences. You can’t always have justice, it won’t always triumph over injustice. A person can’t possibly think it is right when a young child gets murdered and the killer can’t be convicted. But things like those happen in the world we live in today.


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