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Survivors Of The F227

Survivors Of The F-227 This article is a disturbing occurrence of events that happened when a plane crashed in the Andes Mountains. The plane was filled with young rugby players from Uruguay. They were flying form Montevideo, Uruguay to Santiago Chile, a mere 900 miles away. They experienced turbulence on the trip and the pilot decided to stop in Mendoza Argentina for the night. The next day the turbulence had not improved very much, but the rugby players taunted the pilot, until he decided he would fly to Santiago, Chile. The team was now headed for their destination, and everything seemed fine.

Suddenly, the plane disappeared into thick clouds. When clearing the clouds, the plane was right along side a mountain. The wing of the plane smashed into the mountain and broke free form the plane, taking the tail with it. The plane plummeted to the ground. Man members of the group were dead on impact.

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The remaining survivors did not have a food supply for nourishment, and the plane was invisible to rescue crews, for it blended into the snow. As the days dragged on, the need for nutrients grew even more serious. Many survivors could barley even walk throughout the snow anymore. There only choice left, was to eat the deceased from the plane crash. At first, no one wanted to eat his or her friends and relatives. This only lasted another week or so.

They carelessly ate the bodies for a few weeks, until they eventually started a system of preserving the bodies, assigned jobs, and rationing. They did this until a few members were well enough to travel out to be rescued. Eventually they were rescued, but the government tried to keep it a secret. The information leaked out, and the media exploited them. This article disgusts me.

I kept getting mental images of the survivors skinning the deceased and then eating their raw flesh. I usually can accept certain things outside of the norms in my society, but not cannibalism. This topic seems so wrong in mind, that the notion of cannibalism is completely preposterous. Sociology Issues.


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