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Stratix Consultant reviews 1- Never ever go to Stratix Consultants

Stratix Consultant reviews

1- Never ever go to Stratix Consultants. I lodged an application for a student’s visa to Australia and have been only running around actually trying to make it happen. It seems as if the only reason applied for an immigration was just to see the dreams it brought along with it and to drain me of every single penny that my parents have worked so hard in their life to earn. These guys are frauds of the first order and I would like to have a word with the people responsible for accrediting them in the first place. All my efforts of reaching out to them have been in vain and yet, I’m still to get a definitive answer on when my application will go through, let alone be approved. This is not what I signed on for and have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I have been cheated. I am writing this here to help others, whoever is even the least bit thinking of getting to your dream destination through their immigration process, please stop and look to go through some other immigration consultant! Save your money, save your time and above all, save yourself the hassle!

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2- What sort of fraud establishment are you guys running here??????? Had I known that this is the way I would be treated by your staff and be this important in your list of priorities, I would have rather thrown my money in the air and hoped for it to magically land in the hands of an ACTUAL immigration consultant. I had lodged an application for PR almost two months back now and every time I enquire about its progress, I’m told everything is done and I should be expecting a call from their agency any time now! Well I’ve been expecting that call for almost a month now and no one has even called to ensure that things are on track. They’re customer representative is clearly not trained enough to actually take care of anything and I’m frankly getting tired of shouting at a poor sod who is just answering the calls to make his own ends meet. The only time that the employees at Stratix Consultants were actually pro-active was when they were trying to take out of my money and let me congratulate them, because they managed to do so. I would have been happy even if 10 % of what they were saying was true, the least they could have done was actually make my application go through. Well here I am, still sitting on the same desk I first wrote my application and still stuck in the same place I worked so hard to get out of. If only I had partnered with the right company, my life could have actually taken a turn for the better. However, I hope no one reading my review makes the same mistakes I have made and I wish I would have never walked into their trap in the first place.

3- PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE SO CALLED IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS! PLEASE TAKE YOUR MONEY AND MAKE EFFORTS SOMEWHERE ELSE AND INTO THE HANDS OF PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE! I applied for permanent residency to Canada through the Express Entry system as a skilled worker in the National Occupation Classification O and I have only been waiting for any word on any sort of progress. What makes it worse is the fact that it’s been 4 months now since I lodged my application. I am the only earning member of my family I made this move in hopes that it would bring us a brighter future but what it’s given in return is heartbreak and high hopes. After being given a very convincing reference from one of their “under-cover”‘ representatives, I walked in to their office, even though I was very very hesitant. I should have realised something was fishy when I got no straight answer on their exact immigration procedures and the only thing they did convey with confidence was their fees and extra charges. I reluctantly gave in and trusted they would do right in their part to not only afford me a chance at a brighter future but also, my family. Oh, how wrong I was! All the customer representative I spoke to were nothing but rude and I have fooled for fall for their fake schemes. I have gone online to see if they were others like me, manipulated and exploited by Stratix Consultants and I was very right! All the reviews that I’m reading online are either about actual people who have been duped by these big-money frauds and those of people who have been paid to write good reviews and by the looks of it, must have been paid a handsome sum. Do not trust their word.


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