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Songs For The Pearl

Songs For The Pearl The Pearl Essay #8 I think this song well describes the feeling in the Book The Pearl at the time when Kino and Juana were walking home from the hill with a rifle and their dead baby, the song shows their pain, and they, in a sense are taking their lives on the otherside (title of song) because once such a life influencing change is made in your life like that you are trapped on the otherside of life and society, you are now the center of attention because of the way your life has so much changed. I think the song Promise By Eve 6 is the perfect song to express the deep feeling in the way the reader observes the adrenaline rush Kino and Juana are experiencing as they begin their enduring journey away from home, in fear if being killed for killing. Ill Run away with you if things dont go as planned, and it can be a gamble, but Ive already rolled the dice. Eve 6. These words sum up what I am trying to say entirely. This song shows the immense fear of the moment when Kino decides to try to kill the trackers and slithers from bush to bush, building up the courage in his head; I think if the Song of evil was a real song it would sound like this song.

Load up our guns, bring your friends, its hard to loose, your to content these words describe the feeling you can almost see when Kino is about to leap out from the bush he was hiding behind. Book Reports.

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