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Snowboarding And Safety

Snowboarding And Safety RIDING SMART – ADVICE FOR SAFE SNOWBOARDING Preventing injuries will allow us to focus on fun, teamwork, and achieving individual goals. The most common injuries in snowboarding are to the wrist, shoulder, and head. Here are a few simple tips that I follow to reduce my risk of injury. ? Follow Your Responsibility Code. ? Wear a protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guards, padded shorts, etc. ? Use a leash.

? Check your own equipment regularly. Your boots should fit snugly, without heel lift. If your board, boots, or bindings don’t feel right, have a professional help you before riding again. ? Warm up and down properly. Spend a few minutes gently stretching your calves, hamstrings, thigh muscles, hips, torso, back, neck, and arms. Hold each stretch gently for 30 seconds. ? Recognize when you need a rest – most injuries occur after lunchtime when tiredness sets in. ? Wear adequate clothing, preferably in layers.

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Don’t forget good quality goggles. ? When I fall, I try to keep my hands clenched in a fist, I try not to panic or tense up. Then, I get out of the way of traffic, and look all ways before entering a run, or after a stop. ? Don’t be tempted to skip professional instruction – bad habits learned early on are difficult to resolve later. Sports and Games.


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