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Sexually Transmitted Infections And Disease

Sexually Transmitted Infections And Disease Sexually Transmitted Infections and Disease There are many sexually transmitted infections and disease. This is also called STI’s and STD’s. Many of these infections and diseases are deadly. For an example AID and HIV are sexually transmitted diseases. HIV and AID is a virus not bacteria. These diseases are very deadly and they kill off the helping T cells.

T cells are anti-bacteria that fight off bacteria and other harmful cells. HIV and AID attack the immune system in your body. Your body gets weaker and weaker as your T cells are getting attack by the virus. Another STD’s are herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis. The way that this virus is transmitted is by sexual contact and by open wounds. Having sexual intercourse with a partner is one of the ways of getting the virus. Another way to get the virus is by oral sex. When the mouth makes contact with the private area the virus can be transmitted through the saliva and if the mouth has a cut or a blister then the virus enters the wound.

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Herpes is another type of STD. The symptoms of herpes are itching; small fluid-filled blisters break to leave pitted areas surrounded by inflammation, fever, and urethral discharge. Gonorrhea for women has burning urination, vaginal discharge, and painful intercourse. Gonorrhea for men also has burning urination and urethral discharge. In both men and women the throat and rectal infection is common. Syphilis has three stages of symptoms. The first stage is the primary with one or more elevated, open lesions at point of infection.

The second stage is the variable rash, oral and genital lesions, falling hair, and general aching. The third stage for syphilis is paresis. Many of these sexually transmitted infection and diseases are very dangerous. Human Sexuality.


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