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Sensual Meditation in the world today.

Happiness is our natural state
Humans were designed to be happy, creative and in harmony with the universe at all times. Just like a flower which automatically thrives and blossoms given the right conditions, so does human happiness and consciousness. If the conditions are right, everyone would be in a permanent state of natural ecstasy, living in the here-and-now.

Fear switches off higher consciousness and turns us into obedient malleable citizens
But we are not quite in such a paradise yet, unfortunately the world is only just emerging from millennia’s of bigotry, state brutality, religious and paramilitary intolerance, famine, disease and pain, where our fragile existence could at any moment be destroyed by the ravages of invading hoards, or the sadistic whims of greedy landlords, ignoble dictators and corrupt governments. All this pain numbs our senses, generation after generation, and forces our mind and body to remain in a sort of biological emergency mode just for survival. In order to escape from possible danger, the brain has to mobilise all its forces to fight or flee, which for the sake of energy management, switches off the higher centers of consciousness, and leaves us in a state of anxious numbness. If the state of fear is prolonged, this turns to despair or frustration, which lead to increased aggression, be it directed towards oneself as in suicide, or towards others as in public violence. This does not justify terrorism, but it does illustrate that the solution for such desperate acts of violence is not to respond with knee-jerk declarations of war and bully people into submission through organised brutality, but rather to remove the root causes of suffering by providing love and hope.

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Don’t be fooled by the jingoistic calls to fight by anyone, not only because fighting is part of the problem, but also because this call to arms is always a cynical means for a corrupt authority to maintain its dominance. By carefully cultivating an atmosphere of fear, they are maintaining your brain in a constant state of mental emergency, which very conveniently switches off your higher brain centers and makes you more malleable to their suggestions. Wake up! Don’t let yourself be taken in. Governments and religious institutions don’t have your interest at heart, they are just fronts to make money and maintain power, the puppets of economic giants acting behind the scenes. They lie behind their smiles and benedictions before the elections but behind your back they are laughing all the way to the bank. They use the media as their obedient little liars to manipulate public opinion with their politically correct propaganda and maintain the illusion of legitimacy while deliberately cultivating an atmosphere of fear. When all our attention is taken up by this threat of danger, it leaves no chance to appreciate the pleasures in life, and no more thought energy to explore the multitude of higher states of conscious that the Elohim designed us to live in. That is why we only use a small percent of our potential. This prevents us from philosophising, loving, laughing, empathising, creating and enjoying all the subtleties of existence, but most importantly of all, this fear and discomfort anaesthetises our ability to question or see the bigger picture and turns us into blind obedient sheep, all ready to pay our taxes and fatten the wolves salivating behind their camouflage of respectability and politically correctness.
One foot still stuck in the Old World
Even in the 21st century, where famine appears almost forgotten to the developed countries, we are still forced to labor for a living, to prostitute our mind and bodies for a salary, where we relinquish freedom of choice for money, basically we are still expending all our energy for survival, where habit, repetition and monotony prevent any hint of excitement and novelty and where awareness slips elusively like sand through our fingers as we return home tired from our work and grow old and die without ever having had time to truly enjoy ourselves, discover who we are, exploit our own potential or even sniff at the possibility of heaven on earth.

One foot exploring the New World
But we can change all that. Science is the great democratic leveller, our medicine can bring equal health to all, our biotechnology can feed everyone for free and our nanotechnology can give each of us time to think, to learn and to enjoy ourselves by reducing and eventually removing the need for humans to work. Money is the gun holding our liberty hostage, but no need to work, there is no need for money, and with that threat gone, we can walk free, to finally discover who we really are and what we really want from our existence. This is the Golden Age which religious traces of the Elohim’s foresight have all been announcing. We can now build this paradise, but technology must be led by wisdom and consciousness, and such awareness comes from exploring our sensitivity to everything happening around and inside us. Pleasure is the answer. Pleasure and consciousness are the antidotes to fear and therefore the key to awakening our mind. By awakening our senses and injecting pleasure into every moment of our lives, we can exit from the emergency fear program and allow the higher centers of our brain to reactivate. By exercising our senses, we can reclaim our long lost clarity of thought. To see, hear and feel what is happening, objectively, in all lucidity and with maximum pleasure, without hiding our head in the sand and without religious or taboo ladened guilt, that is what allows us to realise the truth, to change what needs improving and to enjoy what is already good.

Sensuality is the Solution
Today’s world is like a baby playing with fire, we have the technology to liberate humanity, but we have not yet developed an understanding of how to use it wisely. Such lucid vision in today’s times of confusion is essential to ensure that humanity does not destroy itself with its own toys and this is the gift of Sensual Meditation offered by the Elohim, our loving parents from space. It is this exercising of the senses (meditare means to exercise in Latin) which allows us to escape from the depths of survival mode and activate our higher brain centers. It is that which allows us to develop the insight into what is around and inside us, to cultivate the panoramic vision and decide what is the best course of action to take, to steer this baby called humanity forward through the quagmire of confusion which is clouding the vision of so many people today, and help us build a world where no one needs to slave to live, where everyone is entitled to free food, shelter, clothing, education and peace and where everyone can spend their time to develop their abilities, discover their true selves, commune with others and feel connected to the universe.

Sensual Meditation
Today we have the technology to live in such a paradise and we have the revolutionary mind empowering philosophy of Sensual Meditation, but the governments, the religious institutions and the leading economic consortiums don’t want to relinquish their power, they are addicted to it like opium. Thus they are conspiring to keep us in a primitive state when they know full well that we could very easily build a world of plenty and fulfilment for everyone within 7 years. It is up to you to demand this from your politicians, from your religions, from where you work and at any other opportunity and point your finger sharply when you see anyone trying to holds us back from it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.


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