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Seinfeld There is this particular show that I really love watching on tv. It’s called Seinfeld, a show portraying a group of 4 weird New Yorkers as they go on with their normal lives. For me this has to be the best comedy program ever. Why ? Because its different, and what makes it different? Their storylines, it definitely has to be it. If you think about it, Seinfeld’s storylines are very weird and generally, they don’t really have a big angle that other American shows and all Filipinos shows would normally have. They simply show the characters as they are, as they face the New York lifestyle that’s it ! When was the last time you saw a show where the whole episode for example revolves about a group of people lining up for a piece of bread, or two guys buying in a fruit stand ? probably never It’s just these four people blabbering on every topic you never imagine people would normally talk about ( such as the episode where they showed a misunderstanding between two women that started from a simple non sharing of toilet paper in the restroom.) Maybe that’s the secret of Seinfeld’s success, of it being really funny and very amusing to watch, it’s basically the simplicity and the weirdness of the show’s storylines that makes it click with the viewers.

It’s just a pity that the cast decided to dissolve the show. They left their show while it was at it’s peak, just like the way Michael Jordan left basketball to retire. Their show was the constant top rater and garnered the most advertisement. I even read in a newspaper that the network which showed Seinfeld , even offered each of the main characters something like a million pesos per episode, just for them to continue the show. But I guess they were already filthy rich by then to be tempted by the huge pay and there goes Sienfeld.

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