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Searching For God In All The New Places

Searching For God In All The New Places Searching For God In All The New Places USA Today, May 27, 1999 As the years pass by, the focus on religion in the U.S. is becoming more prominent, but the focus is switching from the traditional Christianity and Catholic roots, to the more varied faiths of the world, especially the Eastern faiths. The records show that religions of the world grow through thousands of years before they become well-traveled amongst the worlds people, and most go through times of chaos before the religion is even accepted, as seen in the 30 years after the death of Jesus Christ, where his followers were being killed for practicing their new faith. It took almost 300 years before Roman Emperor Constantine I finally accepted Christianity. Today, Christianity has grown to have almost 2 billion followers.

Christianity is still the majority faith in the U.S., but we are no longer Catholic, Jew, or Protestant. We are now one of the 200 new denominations born in the U.S. Along with the leading faiths in the U.S., we now have 5 million Muslims, 1 million Hindus, 1million Buddhists, 275,000 Sikhs, and 133,000 Bahais. Despite the diversified religious background here in America, there is not an alarming sense of despair about peoples failing belief in God. Studies show that 96% of the people still believe in God, its just their lack of loyalty to one specific denomination that is leading to the inception of the varied faiths of Christianity. Regardless of faith, the main focus is on a single God, one main God, and the goal is apparent, to find ones self in God. However one approaches that goal, which ever road he or she must take, whether it be a form of Christianity, or one of many Eastern faiths, the choice is entirely up to that person. There is no right or wrong when it comes to finding ones inner peace. Religion Essays.

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