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Save The Animals

Save The Animals! Do you have any idea how many animals are killed each year just so we can have little things that we do not need and that are not necessities? Too many to put it lightly. Almost 2 million animals are killed each year for their fur, for usage in experiments, and for decorations for humans! Not only is that cruelty to animals, but that is inhumane and should be unconstitutional! That is an outrage! In 1998, over 10,263,600 animals were sold for experiments in Japan. These animals include 20,000 dogs, 2,000 cats, 1,600 monkeys, 160,000 rabbits, 80,000 hamsters, 3,000,000 rats, and 7,000,000 mice. Japan does not have national level control. We need to find an alternative to murdering these helpless animals. In the year 2000, over 5,300,000 animals were imported to Japan for their fur. These animals include 600,000 minks, 400,000 foxes, 3,000,000 rabbits and 1,300,000 goats and sheep.

One method of killing these poor animals is that they are caught, bred, and killed. They normally only live six months which is not good enough. They should be able to live full, free lives without the worry of being hunted and killed. Other methods of killing these animals are very cruel, such as electrocution of anal. We need to stop killing these beautiful creatures just for their fur when we can use the alternatives such as fake fur.

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They deserve to live full lives like God intended them to. They deserve better than this cruelty. Too many animals are also killed for decorations for humans. Turtles, elephants, and tigers are killed still alive. That is absurd! We can find other alternatives rather than harming these glorious creatures for our “benefit.” What is the “benefit” in losing things that God created? He made these animals for a reason and if he wanted them to die, he would take them when he thinks they are ready, not when we decide we want such things as a coat! Altogether, over 15,563,600 animals are killed each year for their fur, experiments, or to make decorations! That is over 15,563,600 too many! If we do not stop this insanity, many animals might become endangered and some may even become extinct! They have just as much right to live on this earth as we do.

They are part of the circle of life just like us humans. Even though you may think we are “superior beings” you are wrong, because we are equal to every other living thing. It is wrong to kill any living thing, it even says so in the Ten Commandments! It does not say that it is okay to kill anything but humans, it says, “Thou Shall Not Kill” and we should not harm magnificent creations of our own Mother Nature which without her we would not be here anyway. Too many animals are being harmed and even killed for our “benefit” and we need to stop this before it gets even more out of hand. You can help make a difference.

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