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Rosa Parks

One of the greatest recent events on American society as we know it was the Bus incident with Rosa Parks. This caused the beginning of the new age of thinking. It condemned our wrongdoings of discrimination in this nation.

Rosa Parks could be considered a martyr. Although she broke the law, it was for a good cause. She stood up for the rights of African Americans by not giving up her seat on the bus for a white person which was illegal. Also, she drew attention to the subject which initiated a linked chain of events that fought back against the racist laws. Not only this, but she had such courage to be the first that it empowered others to think for themselves about the racist system and act out in some cases. This was because they saw how courageous she was and it set a precedent for action.

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The Bus incident was one of the highlights in American history because of how much impact it had. Most African Americans wouldn’t have even thought of doing such a thing. She however, took that initiative and stood up for her beliefs even if it meant being arrested. It didn’t stop there. This event started a major boycott of the bus system which was a rather large chunk of money for the company. In turn, it fueled a new age of thinking for both African Americans and white people.

Rosa Parks’ bravery was inspirational on many levels. It may have not been the largest battle of the war on racism but it was the first shot fired. Therefore, it is just as impactful as any other struggle. The common thinking today is completely different which is partially if not more due to the efforts of Rosa Parks’ actions which lit the fuse. I think it is rather important to examine why things are the way they are in present day. It had to start somewhere and we need to trace the roots.


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