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Romeo And Juliet

.. am attended Kings new Grammar school in Stratford ( Gray 8 ). In this school, and with most schools throughout England at this time, language was extensively taught thoroughly and to children at an early age. The children from around age 4 to 7 would begin to learn the language of Latin and would rarely be spoken to in English at school, so that they had to learn Latin. Shakespeare often had to write letters using the Latin text. In school he was also taught how to speak and write his old English text which is basically the language in many of his plays. Shakespeare was taught how to read the Aesops fables in Latin.

During his school career he had many teachers who based their teaching style on the famous educators of the era. The system was based off of the teachings of Sir Thomas Elyot, Roger Ascham, Juan Luis Vives, Richard Mulcaster, John Brinsle, Edward Coote, and James Cleland. The Educational system Shakespeare was brought up on, in these times, was of the views and opinions of these extremely powerful popular educators. The material Shakespeare was supposed to learn varied but mostly just English and Bible type studys. He was to learn the A-B-Cs in English, the Catechism, the Book of Prayer, the New Testament, the Queens Grammar, Latin, Aesops Fables, in Latin and in Greek, and wide variety of books and history ( Plimpton 3-45 ).

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He was also to learn the physical education of swimming, tennis, how to throw spheres and bars, hunting, wrestling, and riding ( Plimpton 5 ). Amazingly William Shakespeare had to drop out of school at the age of 13 ( Gray 9 ) and is quoted by a friend in school, Ben Johnson to have only learned, Greek and Latin ( Fido 11 ). This was due to the Shakespeare Families financial difficulties. In 1586, John, Williams Father, was kicked out of the Stratford council for not attending meetings, and he later was reprimanded for not going to church for the fear of receiving his debt to the church ( Gray 2 ). Williams father, for an unknown reason, withdrew from public life, whereas a prosperous merchant, he was now forced to live off of the sale, leasing and mortgaging of much of his wives property ( Wright 22 ). By no means did the family go poor, just they they lost respect and most of their money and social status, thus putting up William to quit school and most likely support his family by working.

Little is known about William during this time. Some biographers think Shakespeare was arrested for stealing and selling deer, and some think that he was a butchers apprentice ( Wright 22 ) Still others think he helped his father with the glovemaking business. The Following years after many years of darkness and mystery, William would emerge a married man and begin writing the most popular well liked poems and plays that would be passed down from generation to generation. A persons childhood, many people think, generally will effect the way their life will be in the future, or as they would be as adults. Sometimes a childhood can be a surprise to many and sometimes they arent.

Whether it be Einstiens childhood of being a poor student and eventually dropping out of school to have become one of the worlds most prominent remembered scientists, or the childhood of Tiger Woods, of him being a golf prodigy who ended up fulfilling the same expectations as he was given when he was a little boy. Generally speaking, a childhood is just a time for discovery, imagination and wonder. When we think about a famous persons childhood we always assume many things. Things in your childhood may or may not accentuate the results of your adult life. A childhood is the basic part in which all men start, and Shakespeares was in the town of Stratford.

Without the childhood we wouldnt have the adulthood of Shakespeare, thus making Shakespeares childhood, equally as important as he was when he was an adult. Bibliography Fido, Martin,. Shakespeare. New York: Hamlyn Publishing, 1978 p.(8-14) (P 8) Father was a successful glove maker (P 11 ) Ben Johnson a friend of Shakespeare claimed he learned Greek and Latin (P 11 ) April 1564 was the month William was baptized (P 12 ) Father John Inspected bread and ale Gray, Terry A.,. William Shakespeare, The Birth and Early Years of Shakespeare 1998 http:// ( paragraphs 2-9 ) (para 2) In 1586 John was replaced as alderman fo not going to meetings and in 1592 was reprimanded for not coming to church for a fear of process of debt.

(para 3 ) Mary, the daughter of Robert Arden, had in all, eight children with John Shakespeare. Kay, Dennis,. William Shakespeare:His Life and Times,. New York: Twayne Punlishers 1995 (p 1-11, 17 ) (17 ) In 1568 father John is elected town bailiff and by 1577 due to offenses and debts the title is withdrawn, prmarily with financial difficulties Lee, Sidney,. Life of William Shakespeare. New York: The Macmillan Company 1909 (p 4-19) (4) About 1551, John shakespeare left Snitterfield which was his birthplace to seek a career in the neighbooring bourough of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

(10) When william was three monthes old, the plague raged in Stratford, killing one out of every seven, but luckily the disease escaped the Shakespeare family. Levi, Peter,. The Life and Times of William Shakespeare. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1988 (1-7, 17 ) (17) He is not only the greatest but also the most interesting of all the English Poets (5) Men and boys spent most of their time outside and working Loxton, Howard,. Shakespeare Country., New York: Regency House Publishing, 1995 (p. 10-13 ) (10) Williams birthday has been ascribed to the 23rd of april, St.

georges birthday. (13) Stratford was a relatively prosperous market town in middle England of Warwickshire. Plimpton, George A., The Education of Shakespeare., New York: Oxford University Press, 1933 ( P 3-45 ) (45) The Courses taught in Shakespeares day were A-B-Cs in English, the Catechism, the Book of common prayer, Aesops fables as will a having to read Cicero, Sallust and Ceaser. Wright, Louis B. and Editors. Shakespeares England.

New York: American Heritage Publishing ( P 11-22) (11) Some houses in Stratford, with projecting second stories and small windows are medieval and still look much as they did in Shakespeares day. (15) No doubt Shakespeare had the best seat in the house, for he was the towns more important official. Son William had to have seen many performances. (19) A Bladder of animal blood might be concealed in the actors costume to spurt forth at the crirtical moment in an axing or stabbing. (22) Father carrer took a downward turn in 1576.

He ceased attending meetings to the town council and for an unknown reason withdrew from public life, whereas a prosperous merchant, he was now forced to live off the sale, leasing and mortgaging of much of his wives property.

Romeo And Juliet

Everyday there is something that one must interpret whether it is a book, movie, or even the news. One must come to one’s own conclusion about the information they are interpreting. For instance movies are mostly easier to understand then books though the plots may have slight differences.

In the 1996 movie “The Tragedy Of Romeo and Juliet” by Baz Luhrman, there are some major differences between his version and the book “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.

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One of the major differences is that the book takes place in the seventeen hundreds in Verona, while the movie takes place in the late twentieth century still in Verona. This difference makes the movie to appear of a rather young intellect due to the fact that the movie uses the same language as the book. It seems out of place.

Another major difference is the role of friar Lawrence. In the book the friar had a part of great importance yet in the movie his importance does diminish some.

One more major difference is the Capulet’s tomb. In the book the tomb was said to be dark and dingy. Though in the movie the tomb appeared to be a beautiful almost church like cathedral the tomb had many candles around where Juliet laid. Also she does not lie in a coffin but in a beautiful bed that is encompassed by white sheets.
Perhaps the most important difference between the book and the movie is the final scene. In the book the final scene is when Romeo kills Paris and then enters Capulet’s tomb. When in the tomb Romeo drinks the poison and dies. However in the movie Romeo does not kill Paris at all. When Romeo arrives at the tomb the police surround him. He takes a priest as a hostage so he won’t be shot. When he enters the tomb he walks to Juliet. This is where the most important difference is. Juliet starts to awaken while Romeo recites his speech. They are both alive and looking at each other for a few seconds then Romeo dies. The biggest controversy is if Juliet had even uttered the faintest noise it may have stopped Romeo from drinking the poison.
When a person interprets another’s work the interpreter may loose key values and change the story completely. Therefore the interpreter must be extremely careful. As in the case of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by Baz Luhrman.

Romeo And Juliet

This assignment is on a scene of Romeo and Juliet I have split the scene into thirteen different sections. These sections include what the music and sound affects will be and what the lighting will be and even what sought of characters I am going to have to play the part.

In section one I am having a medium shot that is at eye level to show Benvolio and Mercutios conversation and to also see the expressions on their faces. The only music or sound affects I am having are the background sounds of a market and people muttering. The only symbols that are present are the clothes Mercutio are wearing which are red to symbolize he is loyal to Romeo and his family. For Benvolio I have picked an actor that is short, has brown hair, skinny, is caring and is always trying to have fun. Mercutios actor has to be strong, tall has to strong, fit, tall, has black hair, is outgoing, loud, rough and has a good sense of humor. In this section lighting is used to show that it is the middle of the day and is also very hot.

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In section two I am having an extreme long shot and a dutch angle to show where everyone is situated and also to show the shock showed by Mercutio and Benvolio. There is also dramatic sinister music showing that he is the bad guy and is not liked by Mercutio and Benvolio. There are also footstep sound affects while Tybalt is walking over to Mercutio and Benvolio. The only props that are of any real significance would be the swords showing that they are prepared to fight. The main symbols are the red clothing worn by Mercutio and the Blue worn by Tybalt to show that he is loyal to Juliet and her family. Like that last scene the lighting shows that is around noon and is very hot.

In the third section I am going to have a long shot at an eye level to see everyone talking and to also see some of the market in the background. Sinister music is still playing to show trouble is lurking just around the corner. Again the lighting is to show it is around noon and is hot.
A tall skinny strong man that is fit and looks very sinister plays Tybalts character. He also has a devilish attitude and not much of a conscious.

In the fourth section of this scene I am having a close up on Romeo to show his surprising looks as he sees Tybalt. Innocent music is playing saying that Romeo has never done anything wrong in his life. There are still the background sound affects of the market. Again the lighting shows that it is the middle of a hot day, the lighting also shows all of Romeos features. There is one symbol that is present and that is Romeo wearing the red showing he is a Montague
For Romeo the actor has to be tall, have fair skin, strong, out going, skinny, innocent looking, have fine features and attractive.
The fifth section has dramatic scary music playing to symbolize trouble is lurking just around the corner. The camera angle is a high angle to show everyone in the scene it is also a medium shot. Again the lighting is showing the heat and that it is in the middle of the day.
In the sixth section I am having a long shot with a high angle again to show all that is going on and to show the crowd of people watching the fight. There is sinister dramatic music playing because of the fight. There are background sounds of people talking about the fight. The lighting is showing that it is in the middle of the day and is really hot, the lighting is also showing that Tybalt and Mercutio are sweating by the light gleaming off their sweaty heads.

The seventh section has an extreme close up of Mercutios face showing the pain and the expression on his face. Then there is another extreme close up of Romeos face showing his shock and despair. There is then a medium shot at eye level showing the crowd, Tybalt and Benvolios reaction. Dramatic sad music is playing and there are sound affects of the crowd muttering in despair. The lighting once again shows it is around noon and is hot.

In the eighth section of this scene there is a long shot at a high angle of the market and there is still sad music playing. The sound affects of the crowd are still heard but are not as loud. The light shows that it is in the middle of a hot day.

In the ninth section I am having a close up of Tybalt, showing that he is scared and also showing any other reactions. Sinister music is playing to highlight the fact that he killed Mercutio. The light is gleaming off his forehead showing that it is very hot. The light is also showing that it is midday.

The tenth section has dramatic music and a medium shot at a high angle to show the fight and the crowd. The background affects of the crowd are still present. The light is pretty much the same as section six showing it is in the middle of the day and showing it is hot by light reflecting off their foreheads because of the sweat.

The eleventh section is much the same as the seventh section. There is a close up of Tybalts face showing his pain and despair. There is sad but sinister music playing. The only other sound is the sound of the crowd talking amongst each other. The light is showing the heat of the day and that it is also in the middle of the day.

The twelfth section has fast and hectic music showing that Romeo has to get out of there quick smart. I am having a medium shot at a high angle to show Romeos getaway and to also show Tybalt. The only sound affects are the affects of the crowd talking. The light once again shows the heat of the day by gleaming of Romeos face especially because he is running, and that it is midday.

The last section of this scene has a long shot all the way through it showing the despair and the sorrow in everyones faces. The whole time there is silence except for people sobbing and people talking. The lighting is very dull to show sadness and that everyone is in morning.
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