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Romantics Vs Realists

Romantics Vs Realists Views of Nature Romantics verse Realists and Naturalists have different views of nature. In this essay I will portray how Romantics see nature, and then how Realists and Naturalists together see nature. It will show how Romantics had a deepened appreciation of the beauties of nature. And how Realists and Naturalists rarely if ever found nature to be appreciative for it beauties. Romantics found nature a perfect and important essence to their beliefs.

Romantics seemed to prefer nature to civilization or society. They would suggest that life lived more simply and closer to nature you will have a better understanding of the “essential facts of life”. Romantics emphasized the beauty, strangeness, mystery, and awesomeness of nature. They saw the natural world of nature as good spiritual lessons. Romantics never found any faults in nature and saw that nature brought nothing but benefits to them. Realists and Naturalists had an opposite opinion of nature to that of the Romantics.

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They definitely preferred society to the harshness of nature. Realists and Naturalists felt the further away from nature the better, that nature made their lives harder. They emphasized not the beauty and awesomeness of nature, but the dangers, harshness, cruelties, and deadliness of nature. All Realists and Naturalists ever found in nature were the faults and hardly beneficial. I have shown you in this essay how Romantics verse Realists and Naturalists have different opinions of nature.

Romantics loved and appreciated nature unlike the Realists and Naturalists whose opinions of nature clashed with that of the Romantics. So, after reading my paper do you think you are a Romantic or a Realist/Naturalist? English Essays.


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