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Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage Rite Of Passage What is rite of passage? According to, The World Book Dictionary, the rite of passage is a ceremony that marks such occasions as birth, naming, puberty, and marriage. Marianne Williamson observed that Rites of Passage provide structure of energy by which we alchemize our experiences of the most significant junctures in life. They fortify our spirits, that nobility and transcendence might be more than just words. They remind us of our oneness and form society’s connective tissue. As extensions of prayer, they are words that take us beyond words. My own understanding of rite of passage is a change or turning point in someone’s life that is utterly significant. Rite of passage can be anything from the beginning of life to the very end of life as well.

However, it should not be confused with initiation. Initiation is an admission into a form of society or even a group. Rite of passage is more of a personal admission into our everyday lives. I believe that rite of passage should be lived other than meditated about. Books cannot teach you life’s marvelous lore, you must live your life and find out for your self.

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