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Rightwing Hypocrisy

Right-Wing Hypocrisy A return to the Puritan society of the late 17th century looms with the recent emergence of the Christian Coalition and other right-wing extremist groups. These groups preach that anyone who disagrees with their opinion is anti-Christian and therefore an agent of the devil. I disagree totally with that assessment. Just because someone is pro-choice or doesn’t attend church regularly doesn’t mean he is not a good Christian. I thought the teachings of Jesus encouraged tolerance and forgiveness, not persecution.

For instance, these groups preach “family values”, with the father working, the mother cooking and cleaning, and the kids being subservient to their parents. I am surprised more women don’t find this sexist and offensive. Roles in each individual family are, and should be, different. People should adapt to life based on their individual talents, not on what extremist politicians tell them to do. The conservatives seem to be holding to the view of life presented in TV shows of the 1950s, instead of how life actually is in the 1990s.

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Another example of right-wing hypocrisy is their condemnation of people who are different. It seems to me that arch-conservatives are not even willing to listen to people with an alternative viewpoint. Instead, liberals are automatically pronounced anti-Christian. For instance, Pat Robertson, a former Republican presidential candidate, recently labeled all pro-choice advocates “agents of the devils.” For some reason, this doesn’t seem like good Christianity and politics to me. These arch-conservatives, who pronounce themselves as “God’s chosen people”, are in fact a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites who need to learn tolerance and forgiveness.


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