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Renting A House

Renting A House Communicating with people from other countries often makes me bother, and it happens when I am totally not expected about. This is not the first visit to the other country, but talking non-native language in non-native country is quite different from the long time study in my country. Especially, when we face some special occasion, like renting a room, it is very hard to negotiate with people. Renting a room is not a thing I am familiar with even in Japan. One day on July, one rumor among Japanese students became true, that not all of us can have a room in dormitory even if one send request in this April. My friend received a mail from UNR, which said that he could not have a room next semester.

My friend and I were just shocked and on that day we started looking for a room. The most important thing to do when we want to find a nice room, I thought, was that to correct as much information as I can. Therefore, what I did at first is to check every public board not to miss any information that says, “Roommates wanted”,” Room for Rent” or “House for rent”. I searched the board in Business Building, EJCH, JTSU, and Main library. However, I could not many of them and if luckily I found these were not so cheap or too far from UNR.

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Then I started to search the room list at Student Residency Service office. There I found one room five minutes from school on foot. I went back to the dorm I live now in a hurry and called, it was my first phone call to person from other country. The call rang, but no one answer. I waited for a while, then the massage started saying “This number is no longer valid ..

please call XXX-XXXX”. A short tense atmosphere ended, and I felt relieved. I called the new number, but I could not talk to anyone. After a while, I received new information of vacant room very near from a school. When I was writing e-mail, one of my roommates backed home.

He was going to pay a deposit of the room and he told me that the house has some more vacant room available. We went to see the room. There were two vacant rooms; one was on the basement another was on the first floor. I loved the one in the first floor because it has two windows with new carpet. Moreover, the monthly rent was only $290 including utilities.

However, since it was sudden news, I wanted to talk to my parents to be allowed. I left the house with my friends for that day. The things were seemed going all right for having parental permission, but truth was not. While I couldn’t make an appointment, some one met the owner and had paid the deposit. I was just shocked; I couldn’t concentrate on my classes on that day.

I regret myself why I didn’t decide to rent the room immediately after I loved it. Then I started to seek a room again at the office, but another good news was waiting for me. I receive a phone call from the owner that he says I can rent the room I wanted. I couldn’t understand what was going on. He said again that I could rent because the one who paid the deposit accept the exchange of the room with one on the basement. This time I was just lucky, but this experience was a good lesson to me that if you are in a competition with many others one have to decide everything immediately. Especially like in this case of renting a house, the owner or the real estate agent will likely to put advertisements many places.

This means that many will come and see the room. We need to be care full and judge whether if the room or the product is good but at the same time we have to be very quick once we know it is a good one. English Essays.


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