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Racism is a terrible problem that has troubled America for centuries. Racism is destructive and hurts our society. Recently, a report stated that seventy-five percent of minority service members feel they have experienced racially offensive behavior while serving in one of the armed forces. Overall, racism is a major problem for people in our country and must be prevented through education.

Throughout history people have constantly made fun of one another for being different. Racists criticize people for having different languages, different color skin and features, and for having different customs and religions. But, racism is a horrible and unproductive attitude. Racism makes people feel worthless, less human and pathetic. Most racism comes form people who are ignorant and ignore the basic facts about how all people are basically the same.

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Presently, racism is a major problem in the military forces of the United States. Three out of every four soldiers explains that they feel they have experienced some form of racism while serving in the armed forces. This means even the people who volunteer to serve and protect our country are persecuted because they are from a different background than most. It is an atrocity that even after the civil rights movements in the 1960s, people still criticize individuals just because they are a minority. In this case, racism is even worse because the soldiers in the armed forces have to fight together as a unit. Racism causes tension and hatred between people and, in the army, results in soldiers who hate each other. Racism is bad because soldiers have to always be able to count on one another and cant be divided by racist feelings.

In my experience, racists are often insecure and ignorant people who act racist because of a fear and hatred of different people. Racists usually ignore the simple fact about all humans: we are all biologically equal. It makes sense that, long ago, people lived in isolated groups and did not understand outsiders. But, nowadays, our country has become one huge melting pot that contains all different types of people. And, obviously, people from different ethnic backgrounds possess different physical features and religious customs.
Still, all people, regardless of their skin tone, religion, customs and language are the same. All people possess the same mental, biological and emotional make-up and care about the same things. Everyone hates to be mocked and insulted, and racism just helps spread hatred and intolerance. It is important to try and spread tolerance and acceptance of all people so we can live together happily.

Throughout my life, I have noticed that people always make fun of people who are different from them. I remember when I was younger I had black friend named Mary, and people would always look at her weird and make mean comments behind her back. People always felt awkward around her just because she was different. I never did, and never will, understand why people treated her weird. She was a very nice, caring friend, and was one of the smartest people I have ever met. It is a shame that many people treated her differently just because of the color of her skin.

In conclusion, racism is a horrible problem that affects all of American society. In fact, racism is a huge problem among members of our armed forces, the groups that defend our nation. It is important that racism between individuals in the military is ended so that they can learn to work together as one group. Hopefully, racism can be ended through education and the teaching that we are all equal to one another.



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