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Problem With Fattening Food

Problem With Fattening Food On a Sunday afternoon, I was getting ready to go out on a date. As I was trying my dress on I notice I didnt fit in it. I tried to close the zipper, but it was useless. I had gained ten pounds from eating Fast Food. I remember when I used to be in thin and athletic, now I am out of shape and trying to loose weight. The problem is the Fast Food that we all eat at a Fast Food restaurant like McDonnald’s, Jack In the Box Etc.

A serving of Fast Food can contain up to one hundred and ten grams of fat. Eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner can make us gain weight putting our health in danger. One of the main reasons this happens is because Fast Food contains an amount of oil that surpasses the percent daily value that we are require to consume. The oil can rise our cholesterol, gain weight and clog our veins. With in time as we get old, we will have imparities with our heart causing us to have a heart attack.

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In a fast food restaurant a hamburger is fried in to five gallons of oil. One tablespoon of Crisco oil contains about fourteen grams of fat. It is disturbing to see five gallons of oil frying a slice of meat. Nevertheless, the outcome is a delicious fattening Big Mac with thirty-four grams of fat, or a Jack in the Box quarter pounder with 110 grams of fat. So what can we do to avoid eating fast food without putting our health in danger? One solution that was suggested is to stay away from all oily food and steam the food instead of frying it. For instance, one can eat vegetables, rice and steam chicken for dinner. This cuts down tremendously on oil, but not many people are actually willing to eat steam food instead of fried food.

Once they are use to eating fried food, it will be hard on the person to get use to eating steam food. There is a big difference in eating fried chicken and steam chicken. The flavor that the oil gives the food cannot be appreciated in the steam food. It wont take long for the person stop eating steam food. True a person can get use to eating steam food, but in this case it usually does not happen. It does not satisfy the eaters taste buds, making this option fail.

Another solution that can be affective is eating fried food for one meal and vegetable the rest of the day. It is a wise idea that satisfies the eater and at the same time balancing their diet with vegetables. The only negative side is what they eat for that one meal. This solution can be abolished for the fact that a single meal can surpass the daily value requirements. For instance, when we are supposed to eat less than the percent daily value of sixty-five grams of fat, we eat a Jack in the box quarter pounder hamburger with around one hundred grams of fat. A person is still gaining weight because fast food restaurants dont measure their limitation in the oil they use.

This leads to the one true solution. This is to cook and fry our own food and exercise thirty minutes a day. By cooking our own food we are measuring the amount of oil we are going to consume. In this manner we will be able to follow the percent daily value diet. A person is under control on the amount of oil entering their body.

For instance we can fried an egg by measuring one tablespoon of oil instead of pouring an unmeasurable amount of oil. Usually we fried and egg approximately five to ten tablespoons. This is very unhealthy and dangerous to our health. Exercising for at least thirty minutes a day, helps the person decrease the chances of gaining more cholesterol in their blood stream and loose weight. By exercising ten minutes it burns about two hundred calories.

Exercising more than ten minutes it burns fat and helps clear our clogged veins. It can be criticized that a person is still eating fried food and the point in was to stay away from fast food. The point is to satisfied the eater and provide them with a balance health. This plan unfolds for both of these points. A person can eat what he/she wants as long as they exercise enough to stay in good health.


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