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Princess Diana

Princess Diana “Ive always thought, to provide some light along the way”. This quote is in the words of one of the most caring that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them and devoted ladies of our time. This lady is known to us as Diana, Princess of Wales. Princess Diana possessed every attribute that we consider role models to exhibit. Through Princess Dianas life she over came massive obstacles, incorporated her lifestyle and actions all because of her beliefs, and became universally beloved by many.

Princess Diana has encountered many obstacles in her life. Yet, not one of them stopped her from achieving what she truly believed was possible. At a public appearance she once stated “The kindness and affection from the public has carried me through some of the most difficult periods, and always your love and affection have eased the journey.” “Heroes overcome massive obstacles”( Bader 392). Princess Diana may not be a hero in the eyes of everyone, but for all the people that she has touched with her kindness and incredible devotion may beg to differ. I dont believe that heroes are the only people who can overcome massive obstacles.

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To be a good role model may include overcoming a massive obstacle to do the things that make you such a good role model. For Princess Diana overcoming obstacles was definitely something she had to do to fulfill her dreams. Who thought a person could manage being a Princess, wife, mother of two, not to mention all the other jobs that come along with these roles, and at the same time be president or patron of over one hundred charities. Princess Dianas life became entirely devoted to helping people. “Heroes lead lives that make us question our own” (Bader 392).

Heroes are not the only people who make us question our own life. Role models also encourage people to change their life for the better. This is exactly what Princess Diana actions did. She encouraged many people of all nations to change their life for the better. For a person to entirely devote their life to helping others is not what people interpret a role model to be, I do not know what our society has come to insist on a role model to be.

“Heroes do the right thing while enduring attractive amounts of suffering” (Bader 392). Princess Diana has definitely endured a large amount of suffering. Princess Dianas life consistently being exploited may have caused her marriage to fail and may have been what so unexpectedly ended her life. Princess Diana was universally beloved. “Role models do not need their Planes to go down to earn respect.” (Bader 399.) This was unquestionably proven to the whole world though the tragic death of Princess Diana. Crowds of people would gather around just to peek a glimpse at her, and if they were lucky they would receive one of her famous most desired hugs. “Hugs can do a great amount of good, especially for children.” This was said by the Princess herself who was widely known for hugging people. “While a hero might be a courageous head of state, a saint, as leader of armies, a role model is someone who put in a three-day presidential bid, your local minister, or your boss.” (Bader 399.) Although Princess Diana may be someone that is not in your personal life she has touched people in the same way as a role model.

To many people Princess Diana may be look upon as a hero but to me she holds every element that is important to be possessed by a role model. Through Princess Dianas overcoming of massive obstacles, her incorporated lifestyle and actions all due to her beliefs, and her ability that she possessed that enabled her to become loved universally, she has definitely proved herself well deserving to be looked upon as a role model. Princess Dianas actions have encourage people all over the world to just reach out and touch someone. Weather literally or just touching someones life. Princess Dianas contributions will definitely live on as well as her legacy, and she will always be remembered as the “Peoples Princess”.

With a name like that who else but Princess Diana could be a better role mode.


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