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Princess Diana

.. suitable husband. Since she never had a serious boyfriend, she had no way to compare Charless behavior. From this point on, Diana was never left alone by the press. She would give them polite, short answers about her relationship to Prince Charles.

She began to feel suffocated and relayed this to Charles. He brushed her off, as did Buckingham Palace when Diana phoned the press office there for help (Morton 53). They told her she was on her own. Charles and Diana were never left alone together. This bothered Diana.

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There were always other guests around, including Camilla Parker-Bowles. Diana was suspicious of Camilla from the beginning. Charles told Camilla everything, even his intimate conversations with Diana. Camilla often gave Diana advice on Charles, which Diana found confusing. On February 6, 1981 Charles asked Diana to be his bride and on February 24, 1981 their engagement was officially announced to the public (British Royal Government website).

Although Diana was very happy she did have doubts about the marriage. Dianas grandmother once said to Diana You must understand that their sense of humor and lifestyle are very different (Morton 55). Also, Diana sensed Charless devotion to Camilla. During the engagement, Dianas bulimia started to flare up. One week before the wedding Charles gave Camilla a bracelet.

Diana found out about it and was upset. She even considered calling off the wedding but felt too far involved to back out now. On July 29, 1981 Diana became the Princess of Wales. She was the first Englishwoman to marry an heir to the throne for 300 years. She wore a silk wedding dress with a 25-foot long train.

The wedding was watched by 750 million people (Morton 66). After their honeymoon, the Royal couple lived at Highgrove House and also had an apartment at Kensington Palace. Diana believed now that the wedding was over the press would leave her alone. The following October she became pregnant. On New Years day, when Diana was three months pregnant she tried to commit suicide by throwing herself down a flight of stairs.

Morton believes that the Princess was not really trying to kill herself but was crying out for help she never received (Morton 74). Prince Charles did not try to understand the emotional turmoil Diana was feeling trying to fit into his family. The baby was unharmed and on June 21, 1982 Prince William was born. Diana and Charles were happy for a short time and again when Diana became pregnant again in 1984. Charles was desperate for a girl and Diana already know she was having a boy and didnt tell Charles.

When Prince Harry was born on September 5, 1984, Charles sarcastically said, Oh, its a boy, and hes even got rusty hair. (Morton 88). Diana felt this was the end of their marriage. As Andrew Morton explains, Diana couldnt believe how on her trips to other countries, millions of people turn out to see her but when she returns home, no one in the Palace says Well done (112). Diana felt she was tired of living a life where the only thing she is noticed for is her sense of style. She felt she had more to offer the world but Charles did not. He felt her only duty was to accompany him on his public appearances and be well dressed.

The fact was, the crowds turned out to see Diana, not Charles. As the tension in the marriage grew, Diana focused her energy outside the home doing AIDS counseling, work with leprosy and drug addiction (Morton 113). She felt she had a natural aptitude towards this type of work. She became President or Patron for over 100 charities. The Prince and Princess began to live separate lives and the public was noticing this. They would appear in public to maintain a faade of unity but in private they had separate bedrooms (Morton 124).

They mutually decided to separate in December of 1992. Diana lived at Kensington Palace and Charles lived in Highgrove. In November of 1992 Diana gave a candid television interview about her unhappy private life within the Royal system. She confessed about her adultery during her marriage and her eating disorders. The Queen was not happy and felt Diana betrayed the monarch by this interview.

The Prince and Princess officially divorced in August of 1996. They both shared in the upbringing of their sons. Diana was to be referred to as Diana, Princess of Wales. She was stripped of her Her Royal Highness title after the divorce became official (British Royal Gov. website). Diana would still appear with the Royal family on certain occasions.

She received an estimated 17 million settlement (Morton 252). After the divorce Diana felt freer and also felt she now had the best of both worlds. She was still able to have a say in her sons upbringing and was able to live her life as she wanted. This was important to her, as she wanted her sons to see more of the world than boarding schools and palaces. One of the first things she did after the divorce was fire her bodyguard. She never liked their constant presence.

Diana wanted to show her country she wanted to continue doing good works even though she was no longer married to Prince Charles. Diana has repeatedly said she wishes to be known as the Queen of Hearts. Diana never liked the royal formalities and she had a knack of being able to relate to the common person on the street. This was part of why she was so well liked by the entire world. Diana decided after the divorce to cut down on her public appearances. She decided to focus her attention to five charities and cut out the rest as she felt her time was being wasted on too many dinners and not enough of the actual charity work.

The charities that she chose were the Leprosy Mission, Centrepoint (a charity for the homeless), the National Aids Trust, the Royal Marsden NHS Trust (a cancer hospital) and the Ormond Street Childrens Hospital (Morton 253). She also continued to devote some time to the English National Ballet. Diana also sold some her dresses and suits worn on engagements and gave the profits to her various charities. In the summer of 1996 Diana met Dodi Fayed, a Hollywood film producer and son of a billionaire from Egypt. They started dating and soon their relationship turned serious. In the year before her death, the Princess was an active campaigner for a ban on the manufacture and use of land mines (British Royal Government website).

In fact, this was her last public engagement, which took place in Bosnia. Diana was able to met Mother Teresa in New York in the summer of 1997 before her death. Mother Teresa congratulated her for her charitable works. Diana died on August 31, 1997 in a terrible car crash in Paris, France. The vehicle she was in was involved in a high-speed accident and struck a concrete pillar under a bridge shortly before midnight on August 30, 1997.

The driver of the car, Henri Paul was said to being trying to outrun the paparazzi. He was also known to have been drinking and taking drugs that evening. The Princess underwent hours of surgery before she was pronounced dead (British Royal Government website). Dodi Fayed also died in the car crash, as did the driver of the vehicle. Their bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones survived the crash. The Queen spoke to the public on Friday before Dianas funeral. She expressed her sadness to lose Diana.

Princess Dianas funeral took place on Saturday, September 6, 1997. It was estimated 31 million people in Britain and two and a half billion people around the world watched the funeral on television. Her brother, Earl Spencer gave a tearful eulogy for Diana. His closed the eulogy by saying Above all we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister, the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds (Davies 304). The Princess was buried in sanctified ground on an island in the center of an ornamental lake in the Spencer home at Althorp.

Her grave faces east, towards the rising sun (British Royal Government website). Princess Diana will be missed not only by her two sons but also by many around the world. Perhaps the best lesson she taught was all people, even those in high positions such as hers are able to help make a difference in the world. She will be missed. Bibliography Works Cited British Royal Government Website. .

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