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Prepared by

Prepared by:
Aamna Ikram Abbasi
Unit 1.2- LO 1- 1.1: Support healthy lifestyles for children through exercise
What is exercise?
Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains fitness, overall health and wellness. There are different forms of exercising for example:
Walking, jogging, swimming, running, skipping, cycling, dance, workout and much more. are the benefits of exercise?
Exercise gives us strong muscles and bones.

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Benefits of exercise are that it keeps our blood and cholesterol level maintained as well as you will have less chances of becoming overweight or diabetic.
Exercise is beneficial for social development:
Not only this but exercise also enhances a child’s social development. It gives you a healthier weight range, better self-esteem, social interaction with friends, learning skills while having fun and a healthy growth. kids need exercise:
Study shows and proves that 4 out of 5 kids are not getting enough exercise. This era has made them busier with social media, every kid likes to spend time on laptop, iPad, computer, mobile, watching T.V and playing video games instead of doing more of physical exercises.
What will happen if we don’t exercise?

Not only kids in fact a person of any age group who is not having enough exercise can have lack of sleep, stress level, it can affect their academic performance as well as they can catch various diseases like:
Diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity and etc.

Prepared by:
Aamna Ikram Abbasi


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