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This whole book was a sequel to My Side of the Mountain. It was basically about Sam and Alice Gribley, who are siblings, one year later. It started out as Sam thinking about how much he likes living on the Catskill Mountains in the wilderness with his peregrine falcon, Frightful, and Alice living nearby in a tree house.Then a man who is claiming to be a conservation officer, named Leon Longbridge, took away Frightful. Mr. Leon Longbridge said that it was against the law to raise and have possession of a falcon or hawk. After a mopping for a while, he noticed that he hasnt seen Alice for five days now, he begins to worry. Sam and Bando go after Alice. Sam finds Alice and Frightful at the end of the story. He then does the unthinkable and releases Frightful into the wild, so she can breed and raise young of her own.
Main Character
I would probably cast Elijah Wood for Sam Gribleys character. The reason why is because he kind of looks like the boy on the cover of the book and also he looks like a guy who could get into the part of playing Sam. Sam is kind of a laid back type of guy and Elijah has played many movie roles as laid back or relaxed characters. Alice Gribley should probably be played by Kristen Dunst. One reason is because she is good at being stubborn in a character, for example like her role in the movie Interview With the Vampire. She could probably get into the role of bush wacking in the woods.
This book held my interest in only a few parts. For example, in this book it talked about a lot of stuff about what kind of plants he ate, what he built, how he built it, etc. That didnt really hold my interest that much in the book or the story. I dont really think that kind of information would hold the interest of young adults. The author wrote about a lot of things about how to identify tracks, compass roses, sundials, water mills, plumping mills, I mean what kind of teenager would want to read about that. (No offense to the author, Jean Craighead George).
There were also some good points in the book. The thing I liked was how Alice just did what she wanted and really put her mind to it, it kind of made me think of Girl Power. I proved in the story that she didnt care what Sam told her to do, it was what she wanted to do that counts. If I had to give an award for this story, I would give it a Boring Award. It was hard for me to try not to fall asleep.


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