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Piaget’s early adulthood stage

Marshall is a twenty-three year old male in the early adulthood stage of development. He has been married for almost a year now and has a 6-month-old child. He and his wife have recently bought their first home. He us almost finished with his bachelors degree in banking and finance. He is taking a few classes while also working a high stress full-time job.

As far as physical development, he is in good health. He may be a few pounds overweight because he has become more sedentary since he has been in school full-time and working full-time. He has no substance problems in fact, he has never smoked a cigarette, drank alcohol, or tried any drugs is his life.

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In his cognitive development, he has attended five years of college and will graduate this may with a degree in banking and finance. According to John Holland, Marshall is a person of conventional personality. Holland says that Marshalls personality type like well-structured tasks and values material possessions and social status, which are traits well suited for his finance career. He seems to be some like the conventional personality but mostly his personality falls more in the enterprising category. He is adventurous, persuasive, and a strong leader. So he is definitely a blend of these two personality types.

In emotional development, Marshall seems to have mastered Eriksons intimacy versus isolation conflict. He has a healthy marriage, and many other close relationships such as friends, family, and coworkers. Marshall also follows Levinsons early adulthood stage with dreams for his life. His dreams are mostly individualistic and he sees his wife as a supporter of his goals and a primary caregiver for the children. Marshalls marriage is considered a traditional marriage according to the text, where his wife does the housework and cares for him and the children.

Marshall had made the transition to parenthood quite well. He had some maturing to do and realizing that his needs no longer came before someone elses. He realizes now that he no longer has a personal life. He and his wife want to have at least one more child in a few years when they are more settled.

As a whole, Marshall is doing well in young adulthood and has made the transition from single hood to marriage, to parenthood very well. He is also well on his way to a successful career and marriage. He is well on his way to a successful adult life.

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