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Physics Relevance

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One aspect of physics in my life is gravity. Whenever I loose my balance, whether I’m on a bike, walking, or trying to stand on one leg, I will
fall down. This is because every mass is attracted to every other mass, so my body is attracted to the earth, and the earth is attracted to
my body, only not as much, because my body has a much smaller mass than the earth. This is also why when I drop something; it falls
down, instead of just floating there like it would in space. This is very important in my life, because if I am not careful or if I start ignoring
this aspect of physics I will fall, and end up with a bunch of bruises. This is also why when picking something up, or carrying something, I
have to be careful not to drop it or break it. There is also a chance that gravity will cause something to fall on top of me, and that would
This all may sound like a bad thing, but actually gravity has many good uses to, like with out gravity it would be very hard to find anything,
because everything would just float away. It would also be a lot harder for people to get around, because cars wouldn’t be able to ride on
the ground. And we also wouldn’t be able to walk, we would have to bounce from one place to another, and there would probably be a lot
of midair collisions because people would not be able to control themselves.
But if you think about it, these problems would not even exist if there was no gravity, because that would be nothing holding earth around
the sun, so we would all freeze to death. The earth would also have no atmosphere, so we would not be able to breathe anything, and we
would all suffocate.


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